Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Don't go chasing waterfalls."

People's Liberation top over C & C California top. People's Liberation jacket.
Gap jeans. American Eagle scarf. Calvin Klein heels
. Own handmade headband.

As the weather keeps getting colder and colder, it's become essential to layer.  I absolutely love C & C California tops.  They are great quality and last awhile.  While I love wearing them alone during warmer temperatures, they are also my staple when it comes to layering.  

And I don't have any closeup shots, but I'm wearing another one of my handmade headbands.  My Etsy shop will open in January!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  My favorite presents were probably a Juicy Couture necklace, Tarina Tarantino bracelets, and the Marc zipper earrings I had been obsessed with for forever!  Any great gifts you received?

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Shopping for labels, shopping for love."

For the first time ever, I have a magazine to recommend--a specific issue, in fact--something that never happens.  If for some reason or another, you don't own a copy of Lucky Magazine's 10th anniversary special issue (their December 2010 magazine), go out and get one ASAP.  There has never been a magazine [issue] that has touched me like this one.  Every fashion gem necessary to the knowledge of a fashionista will be found in that issue.

But for now, I share with you some of my favorites (from "100 edicts that [Lucky] editors live by"):

The Runway Shows
2. The etiquette to getting in and out of a fashion show is akin to that of a soccer match--you can challenge shoulder to shoulder but no elbows or throwing a punch.

11. Braids are sexy, cute, and the only acceptable form of a pigtail.

Makeup & Beauty
21. No beauty product can do for you what eight hours of sleep can.

26.  Thong underwear is not a necessity under most clothing.

New Clothes
37. Buy clothes that you'll wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night--few people lead Saturday night lives.

Black Tights
39. Black opaque tights make everyone's legs look good.

42. Roll, never fold.

50. Avoid being featured on Hoarders by living the "One in, one out" mantra: if you buy something new, take something else out and sell it on eBay or donate it.

Salespeople and Shopping
56. If something is expensive, leave it behind for 24 hours.  If you're still obsesses with it the next day, buy it.

62. You can put almost any prints together as long as they have something in common (color, shape, style).

Shoes and Bags and Little Leather Things
72. If shoes are only marginally comfortable when you try them on in the store you can be sure they'll be excruciating on the street.

75. If you invest in a Chanel bag, you will carry it for the rest of your life.

76. By the age of 30, every woman should own three pairs of comfortable flats, three pairs of walkable heels, and two pairs of total sexpot stilettos.

77. Know how to use your local shoe repair--they can also clean your bags, punch holes in your belts, and dye stuff.

81. Resole your favorite shoes as often as it takes.  You will miss them when they die.

Seriously, go buy your issue!  Besides their 100 edicts, the issue is full of lots of useful reviews and tips.   Because it's their 10th anniversary special issue, a good portion of the magazine is looking back and examining what works and doesn't.  It goes above and beyond the current trends of the moment; 
I might even venture out and call this issue a classic one.


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I a pair of zipper wedges.

Whenever I think of a mash-up between heels and zippers, I automatically think of Alexander McQueen. Look at this pair and try to tell me they aren't amazing!

Unfortunately for me, Alexander McQueen is a bit far from my range of affordability.  Thankfully, there are many people who have ounces of the genius McQueen had and can design grand shoes. 

I was Christmas shopping at Nordstrom Rack last week when I came across this pair of amazing wedges:

[Obsession of the Week: Michael Kors Parker Suede Wedge Pump]

Parker Suede Wedge Pump, $150; the only place I could only find these online was on the main Michael Kors website.  However, I want to say that they were about $70 when I saw them at the Rack--definitely less than $100!  I love the wedge style and the zipper detailing won me over. 

What is your current shoe obsession?  :o)

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Just like the world is ours."

C & C California top. William Rast vest. rvca shorts.
Hot Sox tights. Marc Jacobs earrings. Calvin Klein heels

Despite how casual this vest is, I love the challenge of trying to dress it up, such as here.  Also judging by that previous post, I believe I also have the tendency to wear these Marc Jacobs owl earrings with the vest; that's likely due to the similar color scheme of the vest and earrings. 

William Rast is also currently doing a collaboration with Target at the moment.  You can buy a vest similar to mine for cheaper here.  Minus the studs and flag design on the back, they're nearly identical.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

All I a rockin' necklace.

Obsession of the Week: Samantha House

[From left:]
Luster necklace, $75; simple, chic, and highly versatile. This necklace can easily be worn on a casual day or a fancy day.

NightinGail necklace, $75; what else to say besides that it's absolutely amazing? Definitely a statement necklace that brings both glam and edginess.  I would rock this necklace at any party.  It says, "Look at me, I am glamorous."

Ahoy necklace, $75; definitely a silver necklace like no other. Classy, glam, edgy--this necklace can bring to your necklace whatever you want.  It's more edgy than the Luster necklace, but more subtle than the NightinGail.

I was browsing online per usual and came across Samantha House.  Wow, her jewelry line is amazing!  All her jewelry on Shopbop (though limited at the moment) is currently on sale so make sure to check them out before they sell out. 
Any of you who have seen/read my older posts know my obsession with rocks and stones, and if you didn't know yet, this post is especially for you!  In general, I love rocks and stones because my inner nerd has to find some indulgence.  But as far as fashion goes, I have yet to see any rocks, stones, or rhinestones that doesn't add a statement to whatever they are on.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Just the way you are."

C & C California top. Gap coat. Patterson J. Kincaid skirt. Banana Republic purse.
B.P. scarf. Betsey Johnson leggings. Groove boots. 
Marc Jacobs ring.

When Ella (Katie Cassidy) wore white lace leggings in an episode of Melrose Place, I thought, "How brilliant is that!" and instantly put it on my to-shop-for list.  When I spotted these Betsey Johnson leggings at Nordstrom, I knew it was meant to be.  Leggings have become quite a staple, and I think lace ones bring more versatility.  Though lace has more dressy connotations, I think you can wear them with any outfit, whether dressed up or casual; they are just there for the added chic.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I've been working on a headband line which will soon be released on Etsy.  And as my blog readers, you are the first to get a sneak preview!  Meet my Juicy [Couture] doggy, my current headband model, who is showing off one of my favorite headbands.

Let me know what you think!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I a pair of well-rounded amazing shoes!

I first discovered Melissa shoes probably more than a decade ago as a kid when I saw their funky see-through plastic sneakers at Meier & Frank (back when Meier & Frank was still around!); but it wasn't until earlier last year when I bought my first pair of Melissa shoes (the Night Flocked II flats--seen here and here--in white from Gilt). Soon after, I purchased a pair of Campana Zig Zag flats in silver and Triple Ankle Strap Flats in red.

I absolutely love the pairs of Melissa shoes I have now and am constantly on the hunt for more pairs!  Melissa Shoes also collaborate with other designers, continuing their trend for uniquely designed shoes.  Vivienne Westwood helped design numerous shoes, and newer designers are featuring John Paul Gaultier and Alexandre Herchocovitch.

Melissa shoes are not only amazingly designed and chic, they are also incredibly comfortable.  And as if those reasons alone weren't enough to make Melissa shoes so great, they are also very eco-conscious.  Melissa shoes are made from eco-friendly recyclable materials.  Furthermore, a portion of their sales goes toward the World Vision Organization

Melissa shoes are fashionable, unique, low maintenance, comfortable, and eco-friendly--what more could you want in a pair of shoes?

I just discovered endless styles I haven't seen before and fell short of a panic attack because I wanted them all!  Below are my top favorites...

Obsession of the Week: Melissa shoes

1. Alexandre Herechocovitch x Melissa Troupe Wedge in both black and beige please! $140; I've never really caught onto the whole menswear trend, but I absolutely love these shoes!  If I could afford to, I would definitely buy both! 

2. Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Zen Girl flats, $78; I feel like it would go great with my Tarina Tarantino Crystal Pave Heart necklace if I got it in gray (I currently have a pink colored one).

3. Ultragirl Chausette flats, $90; I love, love, love the lace design! 

4. Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon Heart Pump, $180; if you're interested in joining the bandwagon!  There are numerous celebrities who have this style of Melissa shoes--from Jennifer Stone (Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place") to Leona Lewis and Katy Perry to even Pamela Anderson!  The style is super whimsical and fun and comes in a variety of color combinations for your pleasing.

5. J. Maskrey x Melissa Ultragirl flats, $385; the ultimate lust--I will probably never be able to afford these.  But look at how gorgeous they are!  Not to mention the amazing glamor added with the Swarovski crystals. 

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Monday, December 6, 2010

"A storm cloud break, pullin' out the sun."

Marc Jacobs sweater. Forever 21 tank top. Easy Money jeans.
Coach tote. Guess watch. Juicy Couture boots.

This was one of those really rare days when I left the house nearly sans accessories (I never go anywhere without a watch and also sleep with my earrings in so I don't normally take them out)--I didn't have any necklaces, rings, or bracelets on.  However, taking my outfit into consideration, I don't feel like a lot of accessories were really necessary.  Because my Marc Jacobs sweater is fairly busy, it draws most of the attention anyway.  I would've had to find a really simple necklace that would have neither distracted nor clashed with the sweater.  The key thing to remember is that while accessories are great, you only want them to complement the other items in your outfit, not be overwhelming.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

All I vanilla bliss.

As the weather gets colder and my skin gets drier (and all that hand washing doesn't help either!), I want solutions.

I like Eucerin moisturizing creams (about $7 for 13.5 oz. in most drug stores), but I don't like the smell of it or the greasy feel afterwards.  I usually use it right before bed to avoid leaving greasy hand prints on everything.

I also like lotions from Bath & Body Works (I recommend snagging the Vanilla Bean Noel while it's available during the holiday season).  However, while the smell--depending which fragrance of lotion you are using (the Vanilla Bean Noel is great!)--will last almost all day, my hands return to dry and flaky-looking in less than an hour after usage.

Thankfully, I found a great solution that combines the moisturizing of Eucerin and the long lasting fragrance of Bath & Body Works lotions--Bliss!

Bliss is renown for their spas all over their country, and their products are amazing!  While those on a budget may feel that they are a bit pricey, I promise you that Bliss is worth it! 

As a huge fan of vanilla fragrance, I recommend anything vanilla + bergamot by them.  Below are my 2 favorite go-to products.  You can also visit their website for other deals (such as bundles and sets).

Obsession of the Week: vanilla bliss

Bliss vanilla + bergamot body butter, $28 for 6.7 oz. or $35 for 8.5 oz.: leaves my skin instantly soft and smelling like vanilla all day long.

Bliss vanilla + bergamot body buff, $36 for 12 oz.: leaves skin extra soft after a shower and has you smelling like vanilla even hours after.

What are your go-to skin products during the winter?

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Friday, December 3, 2010

"Where everything was exactly how it seemed."

C & C California top. Banana Republic Vest.  Habitual jeans. Coach tote.
Juicy Couture necklace. House of Harlow ring. BCBG heels.

These Habitual skinny jeans were not only really cute, they were such a great deal; I absolutely had to get them.  However, they were also light pink.  Granted, I love light pink!  But light pink pants?  I had to debate the logistics of buying the jeans, but finally decided I could make it work.  And voila!  Here is proof that they did not become just another cute bargain that became dormant in my closet.  

The easiest way to make colored pants work is to not think of them specifically as "colored pants."  Rather, think of them as something more along the lines as the "standout clothing item."  Treat them how you might treat any other colored or patterned item of clothing--when you have an item you want to stand out, neutralize everything out. 
My go to "neutral" color is black.

Thus, aside from my pink pants, my whole outfit is black. 
If you have too many standout items, your whole outfit can risk looking busy.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

"The girl in the dress."

Splendid cardigan. Lauren Conrad x Kohl's dress. Coach tote.
Juicy Couture necklace. House of Harlow ring. Calvin Klein heels.

This was my "hire me please" [interview] outfit.  I wanted to wear my [LC] Lauren Conrad dress which also came with a black belt so I played off the black belt; I went with a black cardigan, black tote, and black heels to coordinate. 

I then wore my Juicy Couture layered necklace to add a little something else to the outfit and topped the outfit off with my House of Harlow peacock cocktail ring.  I read somewhere--probably a fashion magazine--that you should dress [fairly] simply for an interview but have an extra something that will make you memorable.  I tend to wear mostly black for interviews but pick a single accessory to be bold or colorful.  With the primarily black color palette for my outfit, I've worn a pink trench coat before, as well as pink heels; and this time, my standout piece of my cocktail ring.

What a tough economy though.  What is the point in graduating early if you can't find a job early?  It's been getting better, but quite slowly--definitely slower than I would like.  On the bright side, I did end up successful.  The interview was actually for an internship later in the winter, but beggars can't be choosers!  It should look good on my resume nonetheless and any additional hands on experience is certainly good! 

Meanwhile, in order to afford my shopping habit, be sure to check out my Shop page.  I have great deals on brands such as Yumi Kim, Joy Han, and I'm actually selling my Heartloom dress (the Paris Hilton dress as worn here) as well!  A lot of items are starting at just $5!

But for quicker sales, I am selling some things on my friend's eBay such as a pair of Sam Edelman flats and a couple pairs of brand new Jeffrey Campbells!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All I to be thankful.

Obsession of the Week: things I already have

Warning: ahead is a lot of reading!

Though my usual Obsession of the Week posts have been things I currently have my eye on, want, am lusting after, etc., I thought I would bear in mind the Thanksgiving holiday and do a post about what I already have and was thankful for.  The following are items that I wear the most frequently--items that often help complete my outfits.  Though the more I shop, the more things I want, these are the staples of my wardrobe.

Linea Pelle studded bracelets, $25 each (mine are sold out but you can buy similar ones here); I bought these in the most basic colors (for me). They can instantly add edginess to any outfit, yet are pretty versatile. Plus, they look great alone or stacked.

Turquoise ring; I bought this at T.J. Maxx probably a year ago and as a huge fan of turquoise, I absolutely love it.

House of Harlow Large Peacock Cocktail Ring, $50; Definitely a statement ring, it's an great addition to any outfit--especially the most basic ones. Also, love House of Harlow and wanted this ring forever so I try to wear it as often as possible!

Hammered silver peace ring; Also bought at T.J. Maxx ages ago. That place has some good finds sometimes! I love hammered jewelry and also like the simplicity of the ring.

C.C. Skye Niko Ring, $66.50 (I bought it from Gilt awhile ago); The ring isn't that big, but it always makes a statement. The mirrored top is really unique and draws lots of compliments.

Nordstrom ring, $8.97; I love Nordstrom's sterling silver ring collection. Not only is it very reasonably priced, but the quality is excellent! This ring is definitely one of my favorites because of its intricate design; when I'm in a hurry, it's always the first ring I grab.

Tarina Tarantino Pink Head Puff Ring; I have a decent amount of Pink Head jewelry items, but I think I always gravitate toward this one because I love its cute simplicity.


Coach Signature Patent Stripe Convertible Crossbody silver handbag, $298; Both the silver color and the convertibility make the bag really versatile.

Marc by Marc Jacobs nile blue Pretty Nylon Tate Tote, $198; It's a really good size bag and the material is pretty low maintenance.

Coach black Signature Gallery Book Large Tote, $328; Despite that the tote is a fairly old style, I think it's pretty classic.


People's Liberation gray Bomber Jacket, $59.99; Love the bomber jacket style in faux leather.

People's Liberation black Asymmetrical Zip Moto Jacket, $39.99 (from Ruelala awhile ago); What can I say, I love People's Liberation faux leather jackets! Throw in an asymmetrical zipper and I was sold.


Calvin Klein black Carley heels, $79.99; My most worn pair of heels--classy, chic, versatile, and comfortable--they are everything I need in a pair of heels.

Gola silver Luxe flats, $36.27; The most comfortable pair of ballet flats! Plus, they're silver, an easy color to wear with everything.

Zigi Soho Dean black boots, $39.99 (from Journey's ages ago); For an edgy day!  Super comfortable, they are my go-to boots.


C & C California black Extra Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tee, $38; Great for wearing alone or layering. Plus, C & C California makes quality fabric so despite how often I wear it and how long I've had it (about a year now), it's still nearly new.

Banana Republic scoop neck puff sleeved black tee, ~$18; Can't go wrong with basic black! The scoop neck and puffed sleeves make the simple tee a little more unique.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

"You're original, cannot be replaced."

Gap long sleeved tee. Truth & Pride leather vest. Easy Money jeans.
Coach tote. Nine West heels. Juicy Couture rings.

Love, love, love my leather vest.  It was pretty much love at first sight when I saw it.  Do you ever have moments like that--when after the moment you first set your eyes on something, you know you have to have it?  That's how I felt.  I'm a bargain shopper and at max, I will spent $50 on an item--if I really love it.  This vest was a bit of a splurge.  I think I paid $60 or $70 for it, but it was regular almost $200, so it was a great deal!  I thought of it as an investment.  It's actually the first time I've worn it since buying it at least 6 months ago, but I'm sure I'll be wearing it lots more.... Point is, I love this vest, and even if I only wear it once a year, it was well worth my money!

Also with this outfit, not to say I don't like anything else, but I'd also like to mention that I love my pink heels; they make me feel like Barbie.  Want to add girly-ness to any outfit?  Pink heels.  Again with my habit of buying variations of things I love, I also bought these heels in blue! 

P.S. Sorry for the overuse of the word "love"!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

All I affordable Marc Jacobs.

Obsession of the Week: Marc Jacobs jewelry

1. Jelly Bracelet Set, $15; Honestly, I think the whole Silly Band craze is silly.  But these are Marc Jacobs...
2. ReMARCable Dove Studs, $32; Love that they look so much like the bird silhouette on the Petal to the Metal bags.
3. House of Cards earrings, $44.90; I think MJ's "House of Cards" collection is fun, plus I like pave.
4. Logo Band Ring, $33.60; Versatile, simple, and chic.

5. Iconic stud earring collection, $78; What a steal for 3 sets of earrings from the "ReMARCable" collection!
6. Sparkle Logo studs, $48; Versatile, simple, and chic--for the ears!
7. Zip It Studs, $58; Despite that these are the 7th item on this list, let me reassure you they are much higher on my wish list!  I've been wanting this pair forever! (Well, at least since Ella wore them on "Melrose Place.")
8. Marc Script Studs, $38; The man of my dream's name as earrings! (Yes, we're ignoring that MJ is gay.)
9. Enamel Discs Drop Earrings, $68; Chic, elegant, classy--need I say more?
10. Iconic Metal Stack Ring, $28; So simple!
11. House of Cards Wrap Necklace, $82.60; Another lovely item from the "House of Cards" collection.
12. Flight Marquis Leaf Earrings, $78; Have a bit of a boho feel to them. Also seem really versatile!
13. House of Cards Fantastical Tale Heart Locket Necklace, $54.60; Love the design of it and that it's a locket! (P.S. What a long name for a design!)

I haven't gone through much of an autobiography of myself--although no one has asked for one yet either--but when it comes to fashion, you must know that Marc Jacobs is, hands down, one of my favorite--if not very favorite--fashion designer.  I absolutely love his fun and whimsical designs which easily morph into very chic and classy items.  If I could marry him and have him design me lots of things, I would be one happy girl.  Unfortunately, that's an impossible dream in more ways than one.  Thus, I'll have to settle with lusting more after his designs.  :o)

Also, sorry for the bad photo editing skills tonight, I'm pretty sick and it's also pretty much bedtime.

And on a side note, I just bought a pair of amazing Tarina Tarantino earrings last night that I couldn't live without.  I can't wait until they arrive!  They were an amazing deal!  (If you're not a member of Beyond the Rack, join!!)   

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I've been watching the skies."

Juicy Couture sweater. Forever 21 tank top. Easy Money jeans.
Ugg flats. Tarina Tarantino ring. Nordstrom earrings.

Fall has fully arrived with its cold weather. I get thankful for the non-rainy days where I can get away with wearing flats.  (I've tried wearing flats during rainy days to no avail; wet shoes and wet feet are no fun.)  But as the weather keeps getting colder, it's harder to go sans socks; my feet get cold easily!  Thankfully, I have my Ugg flats--lined with sheepskin as most Ugg shoes--they're warm, comfortable, and cute!  I love the embroidered eyelet pattern to them, though due to the cloth material, I have to make sure I am stepping out in 100% puddleless places to avoid getting them dirty.

Tarina Tarantino is one of my favorite jewelry designers, but as a Hello Kitty fan, I especially love her Pink Head line.  Pictured above is one of my favorite rings!  (See other Tarina Tarantino items I've worn here or here.)  I wear this particular one pretty often because it's rather versatile.  One of my friends had suggested her to me because his girlfriend is a huge Hello Kitty fan too.  After looking up her collection, I was hooked and buying Pink Head items left and right!  Tarina Tarantino's designs are always really fun and creative.  Aside from her Hello Kitty line, she's also done Barbie, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, and Kidrobot lines as well. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"I just want you to know who I am."

Wilster romper. Vintage cami. BCBG heels. Coach bag. Guess watch. Express cuff. CC Skye ring.

I thought I would try out the romper trend before the weather gets impossibly cold.  I bought the romper a few sizes up, but it worked out fairly well.  My problem is that I'm a pear shape; so when it comes to rompers or even some styles of dresses, it's really hard to find something that will accommodate my small upper body and curvy lower half.

I really like these heels!  For someone who has ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), I have a thing for snake print.  (For example: dress I wore in a previous post.)   The moment I saw the heels, I knew I had to get them!  Thankfully, the shoes are pretty comfortable!  :o)

I'm definitely dreading the start of the nonstop Pacific Northwest rain.  I find myself getting lazy dressing up when the weather starts getting gross; I just want to wear hoodies and jeans everywhere--not so fashionable!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I to not look sick.

Happy hump day!  And for any of you with your mind in the gutter, let me translate: yay, it's Wednesday!  The week is like a hill.  Wednesday is at the top of the hill (because it's the middle of the week).  Once Wednesday is over, you can just go downhill at full speed toward the end of the week (i.e., weekend!).

My high school freshmen English teacher once lectured us (well, mainly the boys) that you should never tell someone that they look tired because essentially, you're telling them that they look like crap.  And no one wants to hear that.

Unfortunately for me, I've been both sick and tired lately.  I've had some sort of cold/sinus/flu deal going on that is no fun.  Earlier in the week when I had come into work, my boss had commented on how "much more rested [I] looked than the prior day."  I had been really surprised because ironically, I had actually slept poorly, and I had actually had a much better sleep the night before.  So what had made the difference in my appearance?  Makeup.

People go on about how great au natural is, but in my opinion, makeup is your friend.  Some people are blessed to be gorgeous and of no need of makeup.  (I, however, will probably need to wear makeup for the next decade to stop being mistaken as a 14-year-old.)  Nonetheless, when you're tired or sick--or worse, both, your friend makeup can be there to help you out.

Obsession of the Week: Makeup to liven things up


-- Stila Perfecting Concealer: everyone needs a good under eye concealer; this is mine. (It can, however, be used for the whole face as well.)

--Lanôme Ombre Glacée: I bought this from Nordstrom awhile back, but unfortunately, I think it is sold out everywhere because I couldn't find it online (although you could probably try eBay). It's a "cooling gel illuminator" for both your eyes and face. I like to use it below my eyes, close to the region where I would use my concealer. It's like a Plan B; if the concealer happens to not conceal my dark circles enough, the
Ombre Glacée can come in and shimmer, distracting from the under eye baggage.


--Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact (in Sun Bunny): bronzers are a must; they add necessary color to your face. While blush could also work, I prefer bronzer because I think it looks more natural. I don't use bronzer all over my face for a tanned look; rather, I just dab a bit on my cheekbones like I would do with blush. However, instead of having rosy cheeks all day, I simply look more alive with color in my face. Another bronzer I also really like is the Sephora Bronze Trio.

--Stila 24kt Gloss: when you're already pale and sickly, the last thing you want are pale lips.  Solution: bright lips!  I like this gloss because I go about my day more confident knowing I have 24kt gold on my lips!  :o)

What products do you use to fake good health/look better?

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

"I feel the sun creeping up like tick tock."

Just kidding!  I don't really want to be like Paris Hilton when I grow up (well, to be as rich as her would be quite nice...), but I don't object to owning cute dresses and designer shoes like her!  :o)

Heartloom dress. Cara Couture earrings. Hollister bralette. Guess watch.
House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle bracelet.
Stuart Weitzman heels.

Dear Pacific Northwest weather,

Please don't start.  I like the sun and hate the rain.