Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Count your blessings to find what you look for."

We are reaching Hump Day, and I am thrilled it is finally the middle of the week.

I just figured out that you can change your Google Chrome theme and went with the Rebecca Taylor theme, and I have to say that I am getting pretty obsessed with it. I am loving using the internet simply so I can stare at the pretty flowered background. LOL. I think I am starting to like it more than the Louis Vuitton theme I used to have for my Firefox. In conclusion, if you are a Chrome user who has an appreciation for pretty things--especially flowery things--you should get the Rebecca Taylor theme too! :o)

It is midnight now, and I am absolutely exhausted which is rather weaksauce for me. I am quite the night owl so around 3 in the morning is usually when I start getting tired. But it's been a really busy week so far, and I've also gotten back into writer mode! I am actually taking a break from a new novel I just started writing to work on this blog post!

I have the most confidence when I am wearing a pair of really high heels. Still, sometimes, it is more about convenience. I am obsessed with Melissa flats, as I've mentioned in a few past posts. They are cute, trendy, eco-friendly, and most of all, comfortable!

I also love this C & C California ombre dress--I even have it in a pink version. :o)

C & C California dress. Forever 21 tank top. Coach purse.
Sequin earrings. Marc Jacobs ring. Melissa Night Flocked II flats.

I'm off to watch the latest Pretty Little Liars episode and catch up on blog browsing and comments before bed!

Hope everyone has a great day! :o)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

"And tonight, let's enjoy life."

Sorry for the delay in posts, I've been pretty busy! However, to make up for it, you have yourself an abundance of pictures! Enjoy! :o)

The boyfriend and I took a trip to the Japanese Gardens, and it was pretty fun. I have a really short attention span and had expected to be a bit bored (I mean, how long can you look at flowers for??), but it was really not as bad as I thought it would be. Everything was really pretty, and there was definitely a lot to look at.

There were these girls who were in the middle of the path trying to take pictures of something, and I guess they were mad because we accidentally blocked them. But they were pretty rude and were like, "It's so hard to take pictures when all these people keep stopping! But at least we're not taking pictures of each other"--while we were well within earshot.

And then the girl continued and said, "And heaven forbid people stop and talk too!" Seriously, I don't know if they were professional photographers or what, but they were at a tourist attraction so I don't know what they were expecting. Granted, they may have been frustrated that people were in their way of taking pictures, but you should certainly expect there to be a lot of people--especially talking and taking pictures at a tourist attaction--on a nice day.

Nonetheless, the boyfriend and I moved on. Though they were rude, I didn't want to be rude too, whether or not it was inadvertent.

Juicy Couture dress and jacket. Guess watch. Nordstrom earrings
House of Harlow Sunburst Ring. Melissa Marine Mesh flats.

Last time I wore this dress (seen here), I mentioned how I'm not a huge fan of the color. However, I absolutely love this dress. It's an easy throw on dress, and I love it for its simplicity. Additionally, I love the fleece material of the dress which makes it perfect for days like today where it was warm, but still pretty breezy. So when I got too warm, I could take off my jacket, but the dress kept me at a perfect temperature. :o)

I like the picture below (which is supposed to be sideways).

I will try to blog more often; I know my average number of blog per week has gone down to about one. :o( I'll be working at my internship less (the number of interns in the office has grown greatly since school has ended, and my boss said she didn't want a zillion interns in the office all the time), but at the same time, I'm going to be working at my [day] job full-time. You win some, you lose some! Still, huge thanks to all my loyal followers! I appreciate you all greatly! :o)

Speaking of which, I chose both a Blogger of the Week (awarded to someone who left me a sweet comment) and a Look of the Week too, awarding it to a fabulous blogger who does simple chic like no other. Check out my Facebook / Twitter to see who they were! Will you be my next noted Blogger of the Week? :o)

My Marc Jacobs cardigan from the last post sold quickly! I also sold several other items so keep visiting my shop and let me know right away if there's anything you're interested in! I'll be adding new items by the end of the week! Honestly, a lot of items I wear once for this blog and don't get around to wearing again. As they say, my loss [can be] your gain!

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend! I am loving the nice weather the Pacific Northwest is currently gifting us! :o) I'll be headed to a wedding tomorrow! You can expect that I'll be wearing a cute floral dress and flats (because unfortunately, heels wouldn't be good for that particular outdoor place)! Who knows, maybe I'll catch the bouquet?? (But maybe not, it might be scary!)


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Till the morning we dream so long."

What can I say, Marc Jacobs excites me! :o)

I love Marc Jacobs, hands down. He is one of my--if not very--favorite designers. If I could [afford to] dress in Marc Jacobs head to toe everyday, you can bet that I would!

I also really like his heart print stuff; they're so whimsical and fun. :o) (See here for another heart print Marc item.)

Aerie dress. Marc Jacobs cardigan. Marc Jacobs headband and ring.
Swarovski earrings. Betsey Johnson socks. Calvin Klein heels.

I specifically chose this ring because the pearl on the ring would match the pearl buttons on the sweater. I am all about coordination!

Interested in buying this cardigan? Visit my shop! Check it out as for other items as well--many are as low as $15! I'm going to be adding a lot of items soon so be sure to check back!

I got around to watching the new Pretty Little Liars episode! PLL is definitely one of my favorite shows; it has the drama, the suspense, and the fashion! What did you think of the last episode?

Bonnie from Glam Kitten's Litterbox was my first Blogger of the Week! Will you be next? Be sure to friend/follow me on Facebook and Twitter to find out! :o)

Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend! I'm actually looking forward to the weekend being over because there has been some promises of real sunshine (none of that potential rain business)!


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Picture that with a Kodak."

I'm semi short so I tend to wear skirts and dresses with shorter hems to allude that my legs are longer than they really are. Any length that falls past the knees gets a bit tricky so I tend to avoid them altogether.

However, once upon a time ago, I fell in love with John Varvatos and bought this silk dress. It's longer than I prefer--it's probably the longest dress I own besides the one in this post--and it's a tad matronly but I love it nonetheless. In attempts to not look so 40s housewife-ish, I paired the dress with nude fishnets (which is hard to see because of the brightness of the pictures) and tall heels.

John Varvatos dress. Forever 21 tank top.
Steve Madden heels.
Swarovki earrings. Linea Pelle bracelet. House of Harlow Sunburst ring.

The newest items Sunburst collection from House of Harlow are currently this khaki color. I have the Sunburst ring in cream (as seen in this post), the earrings in black, and I have been wanting the Abalone Pendant Necklace for the longest time. So if I continue the trend of collecting different items from the collection in different colors, I could still choose from a few others to get in khaki. :o)

I am so excited that Pretty Little Liars is back! I haven't watched this week's episode yet though, has anyone seen it? And if so, was it worth the wait??

I'm going to start having a "Blogger/Look of the Week" which will normally be announced on Fridays (conveniently coinciding with Friend Friday) so be sure to friend/follow me on Facebook and Twitter! ! :o)


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams."

It's June which means there should not be any rain for next few months! (Yeah, I'm talking to you Pacific Northwest Mother Nature!)

Nearly everyone I went to high school with graduated [college] this last week. It is bittersweet to see people going all over while I'm still stuck here. If there is really such a thing as past lives, I think I was a California girl. Or Hawaii girl. Or Florida girl. Or anyplace-sunny-and-not-pouring-rain-all-the-time girl. My dad is pretty sick so I don't really forsee myself leaving here anytime soon; but I certainly hope I am not destined to be stuck here for the rest of my life.

Here is me trying to outsmart Mother Nature by getting pictures during a brief break in the rain.

While Gap is not one of my top favorite brands anymore (at least until they figure out their focus a little better), I still find great stuff from them time to time! I was going for a monochromatic green day and conveniently ended up dressing in Gap pretty much head to toe. Guess it was a Gap day!

Gap sweater. Gap trench jacket. Gap jeans. Gap City Flats. Cara Couture earrings. American Eagle necklace.

Feather extensions have been all the rage for awhile, and while I don't know how much longer they are going to be "in," I absolutely love the ones I just got put in recently. I like that mine are really thin and despite the somewhat brazen colors I have (aqua and magenta on one side; aqua, green, and purple on the other side), they are striped with black so they normally blend in with my hair easily.

I heard having tinsel extensions is supposed to be the hair fad for the summer, but I hope not; I think it would probably look tacky. :o( Would you wear tinsel in your hair? Feathers are probably as crazy as I will get with my hair!

I've been gone for a little while, what is new with anyone? Any new fads/trends you've picked up? Let me know!

I am also doing a better job updating my Facebook and Twitter! Friend/follow me! :o)


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