Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine."

Juicy Couture dress. Victoria's Secret Pink tank top.
American Eagle necklace. Rachel Leigh and Linea Pelle bracelets.

Here is another blog post depicting me taking a risk: wearing yellow.  Yellow is probably one of my least favorite colors.  I just don't like it; it's probably too bright for my taste.  I also don't think it looks good with my skin color so I just avoid wearing it in all.

Enter the dilemma where I see this dress and fall in love with it.  I love the soft feel of its organic cotton.  It is the only one left and it fits so well.  Only it's yellow, a color I try to avoid.  

Only when I wear this dress, it's no longer a mass of yellow; it is my beautiful absolutely comfortable yellow Juicy Couture dress.  And then, nothing else matters--I just frolic comfortably in my dress. 


A Lot Like Fashion said...

I personally love yellows and the JC dress complements you really well!
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