Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The options and possibilities."

C & C California top.  Gap cami. Converse vest. True Religion jeans.
Dâ -Nang boots. Tarina Tarantino earrings. Forever 21 ring. Coach tote.

I love, and try to take advantage of, any nice days during the Pacific Northwest winter.  Any day with 0% chance of precipitation is bliss!  I took a risk and didn't wear a jacket, choosing a vest instead; it actually kept me pretty warm throughout the day.

I am obsessed with Tarina Tarantino's Pink Head line since I have a love for Hello Kitty!  The earrings are actually not as heavy as expected.

Also obsessed with my Dâ-Nang boots!  I definitely took advantage of the 0% chance of rain to don suede boots.  Dâ-Nang's shoe collection isn't very large so I am really lucky to have those boots!

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I'm gonna make it by any means."

William Rast boyfriend blazer.  Black C & C California shirt.   Joe's Jeans.
BCBG wedges. Nordstrom necklace. Tiffany earrings.  Coach tote. 

I've been pretty sick lately and I'm hoping my Rudolph nose isn't too noticeable.  It was my first big event as an event [planning] intern so I didn't want to miss it.  I tried to look as put together as possible to make up for my grogginess.

It was my first attempt at sporting a boyfriend blazer though.  Do you think I pulled it off okay?  I think I'm going to pair it with a dress or miniskirt next time.

I didn't get a close-up of my earrings but they're heart earrings from the "Return to Tiffany" collection which I absolutely love.  You can get items from the collection for as little as $50 so it's totally affordable!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"By the glamorous."

  Spotted trend: sequin flats. Fun and comfortable? Yes, please!

List of lusts:

1. Puma Sabadella Sequins 2 Slip-On, $74.95
 I own a pair of navy [non-sequined] Puma Sabadella flats already, and they are so comfortable! Imagine how the Sequins 2 version of the Sabadella would be: glitzy but still practical for your feet.

2. Coach Shimmer Ballet Flat, $148
As classical as glittery ballet flats can get.

3. Aldo Gollman, $13.98-$45 (depending on color)
If they had these in red, I would want to click my heels together and claim there's "No place like home!"

4. Kate Spade Harper Sequin Flat, $275
 We all need to embrace our inner snooty girl sometimes! I am high maintenance and proud of it!

 5. Juicy Couture Kira Too, $100 $79
With their mary-jane style, these seem pretty versatile.

6. [Converse] Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins, $95 $66.49
I'm going to get these, wear them with a dress, and let everyone know Kristen Stewart inspired me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"This is the way I live."

Juicy Couture jacket. Forever 21 cami. Joe's Jeans. Marc Jacobs necklace.
Juicy Couture boots. Forever 21 ring. Swarovski earrings.  Coach tote.

I definitely can't wait for the spring (and summer of course)! I want warmer weather so I can less layers (despite how much I love layering) and embrace the endless opportunities to wear skirts and dresses. As much as tights can bring fun and sensibility into wearing skirts and dresses in the colder weather, I always feel so discouraged when the weather is gross. It is the Pacific Northwest after all! But wouldn't you be more hesitant to wear skirts with the potential of splashing rain and mud on your tights/legs? I sure am!

Thus, today's post contains pictures of a more causal outfit for a day with a high chance of rain. (Although I was a bit careless and wore my suede Juicy Couture boots without using the protective spray on them beforehand. It didn't end up pouring, but I'll definitely remember to spray them beforehand next time!)

"You know, this could be something."

Gap trench jacket. French Connection dress.  BCBG wedges.  Candies tights.
Nordstrom necklace and rings. Swarovski earrings.  Guess watch.

It was Valentine's Day, but I had chosen an all black outfit.  It didn't seem to be very appropriate for the occasion so I had to throw on a bright pink trench to liven things up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pocketful of Sunshine.

Forever 21 jacket. Lucca Couture dress.  Steve Madden booties.  Hot Sox tights.
Hello Kitty necklace. Napier earrings. Forever 21 ring.  Coach tote.

I carry a lot of stuff in my purses.  I suppose I'm a bit of a packrat, and large purses seem to only encourage me to pack more stuff with me.  If you have all that room, why not use it, right?  (Although the downside is certainly the added weight.)  Thus, because I have a lot of [mostly random] stuff in my purse, I have the tendency to get lazy about switching out my purses; it takes way less effort to just keep carrying the same purse daily!

Plus, I am pretty much in love with my Coach tote to make matters worse.  The Parker butterfly collection sold out in most stores pretty quickly, and I had to completely scour online to find it!  When I went into the Coach store the other day, I got flocked with compliments!  Every person I talked to would compliment my bag.  

Therefore, if I love my bag and everyone else seems to love my bag, and if it takes way too much effort for me to switch out my bags, why should I bother?

But actually, sometimes--unfortunately--the beautiful butterfly print of the bag tends to clash with my outfit if I happen to wear anything else with a loud print.

Fortunately, for those days when I'm going with a monochromatic outfit, the butterfly tote is perfect for adding some spice to things!  Everyone needs a fun, colorful bag to bring some life into their monochromatic outfits!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"We love designer."

Gap jacket. Lucky Brand top. Joe Jeans.  Swarovski earrings.
Seychelles boots.

The problem I've found with most skinny jeans is that they tend to make me feel adequately un-skinny.  On the plus side, I've found that where some boot cut jeans don't really work out for boots, you can't fail with skinny jeans and boots; their slim fit makes them go into boots great!  So while I'm not entirely fond of the look of skinny jeans, I am enamored by the way they fit with my boots!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose."

People's Liberation jacket. C & C California shirt. Aerie dress.  Hot Sox tights. 
Juicy Couture boots.   Nordstrom necklace. Nordstrom ring. Coach tote. 

Long sleeved tees (I especially love ones from C & California) are definitely high on the list of my essentials.  With the Pacific Northwest weather, layering comes in quite handy.  My spaghetti strap dress from Aerie was made for warmer weather, but I've been dying to wear its adorable frilliness so I thought I would whip it out in the middle of winter.  My jacket isn't too insulating, but what better solution than a long sleeved tee?  I could've chosen a different color to contrast, but I liked the black on black; it creates an illusion that my dress was really a long sleeved one.  However, having everything entirely black is kind of boring; I added grays to my palette with gray tights and the People's Liberation jacket, as well as the owl necklace to bring some shine in the midst of the darkness.  And finally, my Coach butterfly tote added the subtle, but much needed pop of color.