Saturday, February 20, 2010

"By the glamorous."

  Spotted trend: sequin flats. Fun and comfortable? Yes, please!

List of lusts:

1. Puma Sabadella Sequins 2 Slip-On, $74.95
 I own a pair of navy [non-sequined] Puma Sabadella flats already, and they are so comfortable! Imagine how the Sequins 2 version of the Sabadella would be: glitzy but still practical for your feet.

2. Coach Shimmer Ballet Flat, $148
As classical as glittery ballet flats can get.

3. Aldo Gollman, $13.98-$45 (depending on color)
If they had these in red, I would want to click my heels together and claim there's "No place like home!"

4. Kate Spade Harper Sequin Flat, $275
 We all need to embrace our inner snooty girl sometimes! I am high maintenance and proud of it!

 5. Juicy Couture Kira Too, $100 $79
With their mary-jane style, these seem pretty versatile.

6. [Converse] Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins, $95 $66.49
I'm going to get these, wear them with a dress, and let everyone know Kristen Stewart inspired me.


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