Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Yeah, that's that super bass."

Sorry for the late post, I had some issues with my computer and have also been pretty busy at the same time. :o(

I used to be pretty anti-Nicki Minaj, but I loved "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" has been really growing on me lately--it's just so catchy!!

It looks a bit like I'm wearing a halter top, but that's attributed to the fun cut outs of my Rebecca Beeson shirt. It's really a short sleeved shirt, but with the cut outs combined with the covering of the cardigan, it's a little deceiving. It's a fun top and really comfortable; I would recommend Rebecca Beeson for anyone looking for cute tops.

I'm also a huge fan of my new JET by John Eshaya striped blanket wrap sweater. It is great to throw on, is really versatile, and is super comfortable; plus, I love the black and white color! I completely understand why it is such a celeb favorite. I couldn't find my black and white one anywhere online, but if you're interested in buying the gray and black striped version (the same one Lindsay Lohan has), you can go here.

Rebecca Beeson top. JET by John Eshaya cardigan. rvca shorts.
Nordstrom and Forever 21 rings. Betsey Johnson tights. Aldo heels.

More pattern mixing here, this time with stripes and argyle. I think they worked pretty well together and created an even contrast between themselves. I also just realized that last time I did pattern mixing, I was also wearing a black and white striped cardigan. What a coincidence!

Hope everyone has had a good week so far! It's the end of the week! I'm pretty excited for the 4 day weekend! I'm going to be working, but hoping to fit in some shopping as well! With whatever plans that happen to fall into place, I simply wish the Pacific Northwest will realize we're a month away from summer and stop raining!!

Does anyone have any fun plans? :o)

Also going to throw out the idea of guest blogging again if anyone is interested! I've seen bloggers do guest posting and I think it's a great idea. If anyone is interested in doing a blog "swap"/mutual guest posting, let me know!



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Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I could stick around a little longer with you."

Yay, I received a blog award!! Huge, huge thanks to Erica of Sea of Blooming Dreams who awarded me with One Lovely Blog Award! :o)

Rules that come with the award:
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 7 other bloggers and contact them to let them know they received the award.

So without further ado...

7 things about myself:

1. I've always wanted to be ambidextrous. It is on my bucket list to achieve good penmanship with my left hand.

2. I'm not very athletic. The only thing I can really do is run. In middle school P.E. classes where we had to play softball, I would usually coax some guy to hit for me, and then I would just do the running around the bases part.

3. When I was little, I really wanted to be a fashion designer. I used to design and draw clothes in these little sketchpads; I still have them.

4. I am a super late owl. If you're ever up late, just email/chat me []!

5. I have a really sweet tooth but don't really like soda; I hate how my teeth feel after I drink soda, like cavities are taking over.

6. I can recite the alphabet backwards without looking. I don't remember why I taught myself though...

7. I'm currently in 3rd place (so far--knock on wood!) in Dylan & Rose's 2011 Style Competition. Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeease vote for me! It's super simple! Just "like" my picture! (You might have to "like" Dylan & Rose's main Facebook page first.) It would mean so much to me if you voted!! Please and thank you! :o)

Bloggers I am passing this award to:
1. Oomph.
2. J'Adore Fashion.
3. Glitter and Lace.
4. Cryskay.
5. Page Sixxx.
6. We Wear Things.
7. City Style.

Thanks again to Erica for the award, as well as for everyone who visits and comments! And BIG thanks to everyone who votes for me for the Dylan & Rose 2011 Style Competition! ("Like" them on Facebook, then my picture!)

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a great week! :o)

<3 Samantha

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"You got designer shades, just to hide your face."

It was another lazy day. I was running late so I threw on my Joie maxi dress, Juicy Couture jacket, and flats (as well as accessories, of course--I wasn't feeling so lazy that I would go sans accessories!) because it was an easy, but still cute, outfit. I had planned on changing my outfit later in the day but ending up really liking the outfit so I wore it all day. Maxi dresses are definitely essential for any girl--they are cute and great to just throw on really quick! :o)

Joie dress. Juicy Couture jacket. Gola flats. Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses.
House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle and Nordstrom bracelets. Sophie watch.

Love the floral print design on the side of the sunglasses! :o)

Obviously, Gossip Girl is full of amazing style, but it's been awhile since I saw something that made me go, "OMG, I LOVE THAT!" That is, until I saw the Twenty8Twelve "Petunia" top Serena wore in the season finale ("The Wrong Goodbye"). I love it with the Herve Leger "Contrast Bandage Pencil Skirt" too!

[Image courtesy of]

What did you think of 90210 and Gossip Girl season finales (if you watched)? [NOTE: slight spoilers follow!] 90210 was okay, I was really sad Liam and Annie won't be together, and I think Adrianna needs a serious wake up call. Otherwise, I don't think it was too exciting.

Gossip Girl was pretty good, though not as good as I thought it would be. Most importantly, thank goodness Blair didn't get caught/die in a fire. Is there anyone else besides me who hates Vanessa? She really needs to go away, and I don't mean to Barcelona. She just needs to go away in general. At least Georgina is funny. Vanessa is just a selfish beyotch (sorry if I offended anyone, I couldn't think of any other nicer way to put it). I don't think this season finale was as gripping as the ones in the past, but I still can't wait until Gossip Girl returns.

However, if we're talking about gripping season finales, Castle anyone? That one was a total cliffhanger!

Thankfully, we don't have to wait too long for good television--Pretty Little Liars returns next month! I'm excited to have both my drama and fashion needs filled. :o)

I am entering Dylan & Rose's 2011 Style Competition and would really appreciate your vote!

Just go here or click on my picture below and "like" it! (You will probably need to go to Dylan & Rose's main page and "like" them first, before you can "like" my picture.) Extra kudos for you if you have your friends vote for me too!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!! :o)


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

"I wouldn't wanna have it any other way, I'm addicted."

I was always told that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. I've seen plenty of flowers, but apparently that doesn't mean that the April showers stop. I've always felt like I've been living in the wrong area. The Pacific Northwest is for people who can tolerate the abundant rain and love the outdoors. I hate the rain and my idea of spending time outdoors is probably running outside--in the sun, going to the beach--in the sun, or having a picnic--in the sun. Rain, rain, pleeeeeeeease go away.

In conclusion, I savor any breaks in the rain, especially so I can take pictures outside--in the sun (or at least non-rain).

Banana Republic sweater. Easy Money jeans. Groove boots.
House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle bracelet. Cara Couture earrings.

I love this Banana Republic sweater, it's probably my favorite short sleeved sweater. I love the dark green, the puffed sleeves--just the right puff, not too big, not too small--and the floral print. :o)

To me, accessories are the icing on the cake. They provide the finish to the outfit and should definitely not overshadow your outfit. Therefore, if your top is busy and is already drawing plenty of attention to itself, go for dangly earrings instead. And if you were like I was and still really wanted a necklace, make sure to keep it simple. It's all about balance.

Sorry for the false announcement of the 90210 and Gossip Girl season finales last week--I really thought it was last week! So let me say again how super excited I am! How great will Ivy's wedding be? What will happen because of Naomi's paper? Will Adrianna get what she really deserves? (I hope so!!)

What is Georgina doing back in town? What are they going to do with crazy Charlie? When will everyone figure out Blair is missing? And please don't let Blair die because she's my favorite character!! Leighton Meester isn't going to be renewing her contract when it ends; if it's ending season, I hope they write her off marrying the prince and moving to Europe instead of dying in a fire because that would not be cool.

And at the same time, I will be switching back and forth to watch the season finale of Chuck as well. I'm hoping for a happy episode!!

Also sad that Smallville is over, though bittersweet rather. It was starting to not be as good, but certainly had a good run. Will definitely miss Tom Wellings! :o(

Sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone who hasn't been watching, but you shouldn't be missing out on great shows! :o)


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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Nobody's gon' tell me I can't."

I'm a really ambitious person with a really driven personality. So despite how catchy Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" is, I'm not a huge fan of it because it goes against what I believe in--productiveness. Still, we all get a little lazy sometimes.

Like here, where I woke up a tad bit late, ran a tad behind schedule, and slacked off a bit stylishly. I mean, look at me, I'm wearing pants even though I wasn't going to my real day job yet and didn't have to worry about paint splatters or any other messes. I was wearing pants on a nice non-rainy day. Talk about lazy!

Let's not get started on the shoes either. No heels, no boots, this is almost not even me!

But it was one of those days when I had to get lazy with fashion and style and be more practical; because let me tell you, when you're running late, it's so much easier to run in Doc Martens than heels!!

Living Doll top and cardigan. Banana Republic trousers. Doc Marten shoes.
Vintage necklace. CC Skye and Nordstrom rings.

I can still be a little proud of my outfit choice though because during one of those rare times in my life, I mixed patterns! If you're not too much of a risk taker like I am, the easiest way to mix patterns to stick to the same color [palette]. I am almost 100% certain you can't go wrong with black. I really like how the bird pattern worked with the stripes. :o)

And when you're not 100% in love with your outfit, make up with accessories! Accessories are like the icing on the cake; they are the finishing touch!

However, because I am not donning a pair of heels like usual, let me make up for it by showing you a pair of heels I just ordered! A la Anna Kendrick, I will soon be wearing my Rock & Republic Nexi Low Cage heels everywhere! (That is, if they're comfortable enough!)

[Image courtesy of OnSugar]

More great news! I'm a little late since I had said that I would announce the winner by the end of last week, but the winner of my April handmade bird necklace giveaway is Fashion Meets Food! Congrats to her, and thanks to everyone who entered! :o)


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Sunday, May 8, 2011

"You know what it is, black and yellow."

I'm really not a Steelers fan--not that I'm a Packers fan either because this Super Bowl Sunday, I was out shopping (I know, right?)--but I have to admit that I really like Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow." It's really catchy! Plus, it describes my outfit since I was going for a black and gold--close enough to yellow--theme!

While belts have been in style for quite some time now, they are also great practically. There is the obvious such as wearing belts with your pants/skirts for a better fit. However, I also find belts practical for dresses as well. I had a shapeless shift dress I pretty much floated in (it might have been a size too big too...), but once belted, presto! The dress was just fine! :o)

Lucca Couture dress. B.P. belt. Target tights. Carole Juc earrings. Rachel Leigh bracelet. Hale Bob heels.

I love Rachel Leigh's Audrey bow bracelets! They are so versatile and super cute! Plus, they are the type of bracelet that looks great both alone and stacked. I have been trying to collect the bracelet in every color and scrounge the internet trying to find them--especially at an affordable price ($78 adds up!). The peach one was the first I bought (wore here), and unfortunately, I don't have any closeups of that one or the black one in these pictures.

So instead, here is Blair [Leighton Meester] from Gossip Girl--who inspired me to get the Audrey bracelet in the first place--wearing the bracelet also in black.

[Picture courtesy of CW]

And Blair again, but with a light blue version of the bracelet.

[Picture courtesy of Sweet Southern Prep]

They use a lot of Rachel Leigh jewelry in Gossip Girl, but Blair seems to be a fan of the Audrey bracelet! And speaking of fans, Lauren Conrad also has the bracelet in black. :o)

Happy Monday! Super excited for the season finales of 90210 and Gossip Girl though it's rather bittersweet. First of all, what in the world am I going to do with myself until the new season?? But then again, not having shows to watch will give me more time to do things like restarting my hot yoga and training for my 5k.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Everything you are, falls from the sky like a star."

Take 2 for my pink pants! (They were first seen here.) I absolutely love them but they don't venture outside of my closet often because I fear I'll get them ruined. They are a really light pink, and are so light that with the addition of the bright sunlight, they kind of blend into my [cream] sweater in these pictures.

If I were more adventurous, I would take advantage of the subtle pink color and pair it with more vibrant colors, such as a nice green shirt (like I had actually considered). I have yet to decide if I didn't choose the more colorful outfit option because I didn't have the guts or because it's not really my personality--or both.

But what really happened was probably that I simply wanted to wear my new Juicy Couture jacket, which was gray, so I went with a semi pink and gray theme. For those who frequent my blog, you may notice that my Juicy Couture jacket looks pretty similar to the Abercrombie & Fitch jacket I often don (worn recently here); but they aren't exactly alike.

In fact, you will probably start seeing the Juicy Couture jacket more often because with its shorter sleeves (3/4 instead of full length) and thinner material, it's more of a thrown on for days that are warm but have potential for breezes or cooler evenings.

Gap sweater. Forever 21 cami. Juicy Couture jacket. Habitual jeans. Sophie watch.
Swarovski earrings. House of Harlow and Lee Angel rings. Stuart Weitzman heels.

I've always been a huge fan of rose gold--as you can see with my House of Harlow and Lee Angel rings, as well as my new watch. I really like that the rose gold color isn't as brazen as normal gold, but is still a nice contrast to silver.

I've probably had my Guess watch for about ten years now, and I have definitely grown attached to it; it's like a limb and I'm [almost] never without it. However, I finally got myself to buy a new watch so I could switch things up. Though I don't think that any watch will ever be able to fully replace my Guess watch, I love the rose gold. Plus, since I got it in the little girls' section [to easily accommodate my small wrist], it was a great bargain!

I am also currently in love with my new set of Lee Angel rings. I've always admired Lee Angel jewelry and only recently got around to a mini splurge on the set. I love everything about them--from the stars, to the rose gold, to the tiny stones, to the fact that I can wear them together as a set or choose if I feel like wearing a small, medium, or large star ring that day. :o)

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! The winner will be announced at the end of the week :o)

Where does the time go?? It's the end of the week already!


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