Sunday, May 8, 2011

"You know what it is, black and yellow."

I'm really not a Steelers fan--not that I'm a Packers fan either because this Super Bowl Sunday, I was out shopping (I know, right?)--but I have to admit that I really like Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow." It's really catchy! Plus, it describes my outfit since I was going for a black and gold--close enough to yellow--theme!

While belts have been in style for quite some time now, they are also great practically. There is the obvious such as wearing belts with your pants/skirts for a better fit. However, I also find belts practical for dresses as well. I had a shapeless shift dress I pretty much floated in (it might have been a size too big too...), but once belted, presto! The dress was just fine! :o)

Lucca Couture dress. B.P. belt. Target tights. Carole Juc earrings. Rachel Leigh bracelet. Hale Bob heels.

I love Rachel Leigh's Audrey bow bracelets! They are so versatile and super cute! Plus, they are the type of bracelet that looks great both alone and stacked. I have been trying to collect the bracelet in every color and scrounge the internet trying to find them--especially at an affordable price ($78 adds up!). The peach one was the first I bought (wore here), and unfortunately, I don't have any closeups of that one or the black one in these pictures.

So instead, here is Blair [Leighton Meester] from Gossip Girl--who inspired me to get the Audrey bracelet in the first place--wearing the bracelet also in black.

[Picture courtesy of CW]

And Blair again, but with a light blue version of the bracelet.

[Picture courtesy of Sweet Southern Prep]

They use a lot of Rachel Leigh jewelry in Gossip Girl, but Blair seems to be a fan of the Audrey bracelet! And speaking of fans, Lauren Conrad also has the bracelet in black. :o)

Happy Monday! Super excited for the season finales of 90210 and Gossip Girl though it's rather bittersweet. First of all, what in the world am I going to do with myself until the new season?? But then again, not having shows to watch will give me more time to do things like restarting my hot yoga and training for my 5k.


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Ellie said...

This outfit is fantastic! The shoes are just perfect. Have a great day and keep in touch!

Fashion Meets Food said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit!


Anonymous said...

I love the team spirit colors! You look amazing. :)


cryskay said...

cute outfit. love your green belt and tights. xx

New York Don't Leave Me said...

HAHA that song is catchy! I love Black and Yellow too, but also just in a fashion sense, not sports! LOL

Elle Sees said...

love this outfit!

Francesca said...

haha best song and i love gossip girl. it comes out today yay!! also, if you're interested, feel free to enter my Dior giveaway :) x

Allie said...

Your belt is so cute!

xo, Allie

tiny dancer said...

Love those tights! They look fabulous with the shoes :) totally jealous of your closet!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Great outfit, love the tights and shoes!

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cristina petre said...

you look lovely, that dress is so beautiful! and so are the shoes!

New York Don't Leave Me said...

Hey! FYI, the link you left on my blog actually leads to some Mega Bible site. I had to click your profile to get to your page. You swapped the s and p in blogspot. xo

Bonnie said...

I love the color combo of black and yellow. It looks great on everybody. You look great in the dress!!!!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

GINA BIBER said...

You are beautiful. I adore your belt and tights, and I wish I owned the black dress! :- )


deniz saatçioğlu said...

I love your shoes.

Thanks for your comment.If you want follow me, I always follow back.

Diana Mieczan said...

What a chic outfit...I love those shoes and the dress is fantastic. Happy day, my dear

Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful dress GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for summer!

dotty said...

your tights and belt are the perfect accessories for this look! nicely done!

Anonymous said...

I adooore your outfit here. It's perfect! Nice tights, nice dress, nice shoes. XX

hiryer said...

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