Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I'm wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands..."

Okay, I'm not wearing all my favorite brands, but a few of my very favorites--Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, People's Liberation, and House of Harlow! :o)

Marc Jacobs dress. People's Liberation jacket. BCBG wedges. Juicy Couture earrings. Forever 21 necklace. House of Harlow rings.

In yesterday's post, I was talking about how much I loved wide statement rings that cover multiple fingers and give the illusion of a double finger ring. And voila, another favorite ring of mine! Of course, I love anything House of Harlow, but I love the key ring not only for its antique feel, but also definitely for its wideness! You can find the Key Cocktail Ring here, and if you like my Thick Stack Ring, you can get it [in silver] here.

And in another previous post, I was wearing the larger [and pink] version of these hoops earrings. Here is a close up picture of today's earrings.

Such a true statement because I totally need more Juicy! :o) I certainly don't love every single item they make--the case with most brands--but I'm definitely a Juicy Couture girl, especially when it comes to their jewelry!

Also, if you like my bird necklace, buy it here for $1.50! (Well, not including shipping. But if you visit your nearest Forever 21 store, you can buy it for $1.50!) It also comes in silver, and at the price, why not get both colors? I'm loving Forever 21's cheap $1.50 jewelry selection. They generally have always had cheap jewelry, but at $1.50, the jewelry is practically a steal! If you consider yourself a frugalista, be sure to check it out online or in stores. :o)

So so so SO glad Friday is about here!


P.S. Let's be friends! :o)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"So hold your head up, girl and you'll go far."

Gap top. Gap jacket. Patterson J. Kincaid skirt. DIY necklace. Forever 21 ring. Seychelles boots.

My necklace was a DIY project I came up with inspired by a Marc Jacobs necklace I saw. I started this post dedicated to the project but realized it would be much easier to show you how to make it if I had pictures, so I'll redo the project and take pictures. Look forward to that post! :o)

I'm really liking the whole big ring trend, as you can see with my cross ring. Though I think double finger rings are pretty swell, these are definitely more convenient and comfortable wearing on just a single finger. And I like that they give the illusion that they're a double finger ring. Look how similar the ring in this post looks to the ring here. I definitely plan on buying more big/wide statement rings! (Any reason to buy more jewelry, right?)

I've been on the lookout for cute flats and I came across these babies.

They are Jeremy Scott x Adidas "JS Wings Ballerina Shoes." They're a bit pricey at $100 retail, but they are so fabulous, they may well be worth it. I'm loving the pink ones, but the white ones are much more versatile, and the black ones are just plain fun!

I've had a super busy week and am definitely looking forward to the weekend! (Who knows, maybe I'll snag myself a pair of those shoes!)


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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"I was gone for a minute, now I'm back."

Gap top. People's Liberations jacket. Lucie Rose skirt. Nine West heels. Juicy Couture necklace and earrings.

Because I didn't have any good pictures of my own, here is a close up picture of my earrings courtesy of Nordstrom. These earrings are awesome because they say "Viva la Juicy Couture." AMEN. I love Juicy Couture's constant clever sayings and notations. :o)

The earrings were courtesy of the Boyfriend; he completely surprised me with them because I wasn't expecting to get them from him. I had actually just purchased the smaller black version of the hoops earrings (those ones say "I want more Juicy"), and it was a good thing I hadn't bought the pink ones myself! Then again, there's nothing wrong with backup!

And because I didn't buy into the whole issue with the changing zodiac signs, I proudly wear my Virgo necklace! (If you're a Capricorn or Libra, you can buy a similar necklace here for just $15! Sorry if you have another zodiac sign, the necklaces have sold quick!)

Nicole at Electric Daze thoughtfully awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award! Yay!

In turn, I am supposed to reveal 7 things about myself and then pass this award on to 7 other bloggers. So....

7 things about me: (and okay, I semi cheated with "7")
I can't roll my r's to save my life; my inability hindered my potential success in high school Spanish class.
1. a. I wish I had continued taking Spanish classes because my Spanish skills these days are pretty shoddy.
2. I have a thing for birds--real birds, stuffed animals, bird prints, bird embellishments, bird decor, etc.
3. I've been keeping my jewelry in their original bags/boxes but I've been finding that while they're hidden away in their bags/boxes, I forget what I own. Thus, I need to find a new method of organizing my jewelry.
4. I wear Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume. Only I've been running low for awhile and been too lazy to get a new bottle so I wear it only on special occasions.
4. a. I'm actually really anal about grammar but when I write emails and blogs, I write like I would talk.
5. (I almost numbered this "4. b." but didn't want to cheat too much with the amount of things I'm really allowed to tell you.) I'm an editor at heart; I would love an editing job. I confess that I take pleasure bleeding (with pen, of course) all over people's papers/writing, but I obviously just want to help!
5. a. (Sorry, I know I'm being pretty narcissistic with this too long list) I would have gone into journalism except all I really care about is editing and writing reviews and editorials and not really any of the meaty stuff. Plus, I wanted to make money.
6. I've been a Hello Kitty fan since I was eight, when my sister bought me my first Hello Kitty item (it was stationary).
7. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff because things easily have sentimental value to me. I only got rid of my Pokemon cards a few years ago! (Not that I had been much of a collector because I didn't really care about the game. I just collected the cute ones and only started collecting them because the boy I had a crush on in 5th grade liked Pokemon.)

7 bloggers I am passing this award on to: (it was a really tough decision!)
Modanista Junkie.
2. Express-O.
. Fashion Meets Food.
4. Little T.
5. Michaela Noelle.
6. I Know, Right?
7. Glam Kitten's Litterbox.

I still have a lame cough going on, but after finishing my antibiotics, I am starting to feel like myself!

Have a good rest of the weekend! :o)


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Oh, here it goes again."

Nicole at Electric Daze recently tagged me to do this Q & A in my handwriting so here is mine! (Sorry for the bad scan!)

I have tagged:
Fashion Cappuccino
Glam Kitten's Litter Box
Modanista Junkie
So What If I Like Pretty Things?

I think it's a fun way to see each other's handwriting. :o)

My successful attempt at the braided headband a la Hanna from "The Badass Seed" (I think) episode of Pretty Little Liars.

The same friend who I did the painting of Peter the Panda for liked it so much, he commissioned me to do another picture. I don't know if I like the Peter the Panda one better or this one. You can't really tell in this picture, but this painting is amazingly awesome because the stars on the panda's pajamas glow in the dark. :o)

I've been really sick lately and living off antibiotics and ibuprofen. I promise to restart my outfit posts as soon as I start feeling normal again!

If you haven't checked out my new shop store, be sure to! You can now Shop Samantha via tumblr :o) I have items as low as $15 and brand new, be sure to check it out!

Happy Hump Day (Wednesday = middle of week)!


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

All I a Belle Noel jewelry piece.

It seems like every big celebrity out there has their own fragrance, and a good percentage have their own clothing line. I'm starting to wonder if the next big thing is to start their own jewelry line. When I heard Kim Kardashian started her "Belle Noel" jewelry line, I was a bit skeptical.

However, after checking out her stuff, I thought, "Hey, this isn't too shabby!" I actually really like Belle Noel. It's no House of Harlow in my opinion, but her designs are pretty nice. I love the edgy glam that Belle Noel portrays. Plus, it's rather affordable which makes the line even better!

Obsession of the Moment: Belle Noel Jewelry

1. "Nugget Double Drop Earrings," $30; I find these earrings really versatile. They would easily glam up any outfit, yet are so simple that you can wear it with anything.
2. "3 Pave Stack Bangle Bracelets," $88; I love the texture and pattern of the bracelets, and they would certainly look great together or individually.
3. "Multi Chain Nugget Necklace," $90; the ultimate glam statement necklace!
4. "Nugget and Ivory Ring," $25; this glamorous ring is a steal! I am also loving the ivory in the middle, it makes it not too much.
5. "Leather and Nugget Cuff," $125; it's a bit House of Harlow-esque, but that could probably be why I like it so much.
6. "Nugget Belle Locket" in Palladium, $45; I have a thing for lockets. I like the "nugget" design which makes the locket more unique and modern.

What do you think? Is it another lame celebrity attempt to expose their name more or would you actually buy Kim Kardashian's pieces?

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, I cringed when I first heard her new single. However, when I was watching the [rerun] episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (I just recently started watching it because there are no other shows to watch late at night!)
where Kim is recording the song with The Dream, I felt kind of bad for not giving it a chance because she had been so nervous. It could have also been strategically edited/acted out, but still!

In conclusion, if you hate Kim Kardashian's music, maybe you should at least give her jewelry a chance? I did! :o)


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Let's be friends! :o)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All I a little white dress.

You are the wearer; you decide how to something is worn. We wear dresses as tops. Tops as dresses. We do as we please.

When I was around 11, we were shopping for a flower girl dress for me and went into a Betsey Johnson boutique. I spotted this gorgeous white party dress and thought to myself, "I would totally wear that as a wedding dress!"

ShopBop recently unveiled their Wedding Boutique earlier this week, and I absolutely love their selection of wedding dresses. I'm not entirely sure I would them all necessarily as wedding dresses, but I know for sure that I would wear most of them in general! Thus, my selection is simply amazing white dresses (though I sneaked some non-white ones in).

Obsession of the Moment: LWD --Little White Dress

1. Temperly London "Mini Oriel Dress": love, love, love the detailing! It turns what would've been such a simplistic dress into a unique piece.
2. BCBGMAXARIA "Carly Layered Lace Gown": I have a thing for both layers and lace, but I simply love this dress. That tie at the waist is simply the icing on the cake.
3. Leila Hafzi Bridal "Mariam Gown": simply romantic. I would wear this dress to a wedding (but probably not if I was the bride).
4. Doo.Ri "Torqued Draped Dress": such a lovely one shoulder dress!
5. Lela Rose "Brocade V-Neck Dress with Belt": brocade instantly dresses up any item; it's a lot like tweed and almost always makes something classy.

6. Alice + Olivia "Daisy Ruffle V-Neck Dress": I'm not sure if you can really go wrong with Alice + Olivia; they make the best dresses!
7. Temperly London "Mini Marcia Dress": how fun and carefree is this dress! I'd wear it on a sunny day. :o)

8. 3.1 Phillip Lim "Cross Collar Faux Wrap Dress": I think this dress would be perfect business/professional attire; what a cute dress to wear into the office! [Faux] wrap dresses are a bit boring and generic but the cross collar makes it worth wearing.

I've found that a lot of [shopping] sites that attempt bridal boutiques tend to have a boring selection, but I think Shopbop fared pretty well. At least their selection was pretty! My ideal wedding dress would have a long, really full skirt, but if I had to pick one of the dresses to make my wedding dress, this Leila Hafzi Bridal "Vanda Gown" would definitely be it:

I love its elegance and that while it's simple, it's not boring.

Pretty wedding-esque dresses make me want to get married! What kind of dresses do you like? Or, if you've been married, what kind of dress did you have?


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Let's be friends! :o)

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Never quittin' on believin.'"

Juicy Couture hoodie. C & C California top. Easy Money jeans. Groove boots.
Givenchy earrings. Marc Jacobs necklace and sunglasses. Juicy Couture rings.

This is probably my favorite hoodie simply for the pocket embellishments. :o)

I'm super glad that it's finally the weekend! I do have to work today though, so I don't know how much of a weekend it will really be. I've also started doing hot yoga early in the mornings (taking it in the middle of the afternoon throws my whole schedule into a funk) which means that I never get to sleep in anymore. Although in reality, I am lucky for any sleep I manage to cram in between my two internships and normal work! Life is just full blown busy for me at the moment, so sorry for the lack of posts this week! :o(

I told you I was going to post more art pictures so here is one of the pieces I made last month:

I can already tell I'm going to be too busy this month so I'm glad I was able to get a good amount done last month!

I also changed my shop store! You can now Shop Samantha via tumblr :o) I have items as low as $15 and brand new, be sure to check it out!

Super thankful that despite having the tsunami warning in my area, we fared just fine. Also glad that my friends on the other side of the world are safe. My heart goes out to all those effected by the tsunami. It is moments like these that we really have to take a step back and realize how lucky we are for everything we have.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe! :o)


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Just can't get enough."

French Connection dress. Forever 21 jacket. Betsey Johnson socks. BCBG wedges.
Juicy Couture necklace. Tarina Tarantino Carved Rose Bracelets in Raspberry. Guess watch.

Yay for more over-the-knee socks! I told you I bought a whole bunch of pairs! When I bought this pair, I hadn't actually been sure that I would ever wear them because they're not a very versatile color. In honestly, I bought them for the frilly top and the pink bow. :o) But I'm glad I did because I love them!

I also love the jacket here because it's so fun with its tiers and ruffles, big buttons, and full skirt, and despite all the frills and thrills, this jacket is actually very low maintenance with its nylon material. Interestingly enough, this jacket has a suspiciously close resemblance to this Marc Jacobs Sateen Tiered Coat... I didn't plan it that way--in fact, I didn't know about the MJ jacket until I came across it randomly shopping online after getting the Forever 21--but I would say I certainly got the look for cheaper!

However, speaking of getting the look for cheaper, you can get my Tarina Tarantino "Carved Rose" bracelets for $38 each.....

.....or you can get the look with these "Fabulous Finds" Forever 21 "Rose Bead" bracelets for $1.50 each!

I'm actually thinking of buying a few of the Forever 21 bracelets to wear with my Tarina Tarantino ones. :o)

Also, because I didn't end up doing a giveaway in February, I decided to do a reader recognition!

I appreciate the time that everyone takes to read my blog and give me your feedback and thoughts. When I do my reader recognitions, I'll probably note my favorite comment, best feedback received, etc. However, I would like my first Reader Recognition to be my most loyal readers last month! A huge THANK YOU to Nicole of Electric Daze and Mel of Modanista Junkie! The fact that they commented on every single post I did last month means so much to me!

I read every single comment I get! I really appreciate when I receive comments--they make me :o)


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Thursday, March 3, 2011

All I a pair of Rock & Republic heels.

Warning: the following contains images contain shoe porn and are only intended for audiences of great shoe appreciation.  Please limit viewing to prevent possible addiction.  Prices are respectively omitted to prevent potential trauma.

Obsession of the Moment: Rock & Republic heels

1. Loretta Lace Back Platform Pumps: Talk about bringing sexy back.
2. Snake Platform Pumps: So versatile--wear with a fabulous skirt or dressed down with jeans and look sexy either way.

3. Habanero Spectator Pumps: Pretty much timeless.
4. Sage Platform Pump: I've wanted these for forever!  I like the subtle snake print detailing, although it pretty much had me at the bow. I like these in Pewter too.
5. Tansy Bow Wedge: I vote these the cutest platform wedges ever.

6. Nikki heels: They say diamonds are forever, after all.

7. Celina Haircalf Platform Pumps: Leopard heels. Enough said.
8. Alayna Chain Pump: Edgy sophistication!
9. Blaine Suede Over the Knee Boots: Semi dominatrix but even the more gutsy.
10. Chickory High Heel: The gold studded detailing makes these heels both edgy and glamorous.

Rock & Republic is a great brand, but I can't even explain how their shoes make me feel.  Their shoes are the epitome of sexy, glamorized sophistication.  I have been wanting to covet a pair of Rock & Republic heels since about forever.  Can we say "oh, yes please!"?  I've seen them on flash sales before, but sadly, everyone always wants what I want; and I never get to buy them in time.  :o( 

However, I think I am ready to take the step to splurge for a pair, but I've been holding back because I don't know how they fit.  I don't want to spend the money on them only to find that they run too big or too small or too narrow or simply don't like my feet!  But in the worse case scenario, they would just become one of those pairs of shoes that I never wear, but on sad days, I can open up their box to admire their beauty and become instantly happy.  :o)  Nonetheless,
does anyone own a pair of Rock & Republic heels?

Hope you enjoyed my picks!  :o)


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Just love yourself, and you're set."

I want to do mutual guest posts/blog switches for a day with other fashion bloggers!  Anyone interested?  I've seen it on other blogs and think it would be fun!  Let me know if you're up for it!

I'm pretty excited for March.  I'm glad I can look back on February and say that it was a good month for me--at least a productive month, but productivity makes me happy so therefore, a good month!  I started hot yoga which I've been enjoying.  Well, it's kind of torture, but good torture.  It's nice having someone yell at me to push myself harder, and I really enjoy how I feel afterward.  I've also gotten back on the treadmill and bike, so I'm super proud of myself.  And I did a few art pieces and have gotten back into tinkering with jewelry making (pictures to come!).  It makes me happy to be able to get around to doing things that I've been wanting to do for awhile now.  :o)

It's baaaaaaaaaaack. Recognize this jacket? ;) But don't worry, I haven't been wearing it every day! In fact, because I haven't been wearing it lately, I've missed it and just had to revisit it. :o)

C & C California top. Lauren Conrad x Kohls dress. People's Liberation jacket. Aldo heels.
Marc Jacobs necklace. Juicy Couture bracelet. Forever 21 ring. Revlon polish in Temptress.

This Forever 21 ring never fails to draw attention and bring compliments.  I was at the checkout register at Safeway and the cashier guy was totally in awe.  I normally wear rings on my middle finger, but like a nice, large statement ring on my index finger. 

Not so fashion related, but worth your time:

The Solitude of Prime Numbers by Paolo Giordano was an international bestseller for a reason; it is an absolutely amazing read.  This novel by Giordano tells the story of two "primes"--lonely things that never fit with another--Alice and Mattia, starting with their childhood tragedies and continuing as their lives and destinies intersect.  Alice and Mattia had never been able to open themselves to anyone, but as they recognize the similarity in their emotional baggage and damaged state, they subconsciously begin to connect. 

However, in a rash moment between Alice and Mattia, Mattia decides to accept a research position abroad leaving them separated by thousands of miles and thousands of unsaid things.  Raw, poignant, The Solitude of Prime Numbers delivers a heart-wrenching story to its readers.  It is hard to finish the book and not be affected.  The stories--the lives--of Alice and Mattia are sad and tragic, but told beautifully by Giordano.
  Rating: 4.8/5.


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