Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away."

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And speaking of birds, I absolutely love this duck in downtown Portland! It is pretty much one of my favorite things about Portland (aside from the shopping, of course!) :o)

Gap top. Free People skirt. People's Liberation jacket. Nordstrom ring.
Marc Jacobs necklace. Jeffrey Campbell Mary Jane Platform Pumps.

My boyfriend called these the many faces of me... :o)

I had a nice conversation with Aprilia of Aprilia Love earlier this month about the comfortableness of Jeffrey Campbells. She calls her Litas "heaven for [her] feet", but I have yet to find a pair of comfortable Jeffrey Campbells. The JC Mary Jane Platform Pumps are two hour shoes--max. And though my Whip 2 Booties (worn earlier this year) are more comfortable than these, they are really only relatively tolerable.

Is it just me? Do I have bad luck with Jeffrey Campbells? Are they shoes that are so beautiful, you are willing to suffer through?

I'm heading to bed now, anyone staying up/waking up early to watch the royal wedding? I will just Google pictures of her wedding dress later; I already heard it's Alexander Wang. :o)


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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want."

Dear Readers,

Huge apologies for being such a bad blogger this month. :o( I know I've neglected updating and I'm sorry. It's just been a really busy month for me, and I think I had more on my plate than I could really carry. Most of my spare time was spent trying to squeeze in sleep.

It's my last week for my first internship so I am definitely looking forward to more sleep and more time in May--which means, I'll be back to my normal blogging self! :o)

Big thanks to those of you who loyally follow me and still visited, it means a lot!

Gap sweater. People's Liberation jacket. Paige jeans. Swarovski earrings.
Marc Jacobs necklace. Tarina Tarantino ring. Gap scarf. Zigi Soho "Dean" boots.

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<3 Samantha

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Let the rhythm change your world."

Currently loving my [semi] new Juicy Couture nailhead scarf! I wore it earlier in this post and also blogged about it, but let me tell you, I am still in love with as I was the day I bought it. I highly recommend infinity scarves--they're so easy to wear! I especially love the studs on my scarf because it makes it seem a bit edgier--just how I like it! (You can buy my scarf here if you're interested!)

Speaking of Juicy, I am also loving with my Juicy Couture mood ring (sold out everywhere online)! I loved mood rings as a kid, and the fact that this is a Juicy Couture mood ring makes it even better! And according to the blue of my mood ring, I was apparently happy! :o)

However, my favorite part of this outfit would probably be my [faux] leather skirt. I had been searching everywhere for a cute leather skirt and randomly came across this one in the sale racks at Forever 21. Score! Snagging a cute leather skirt at a great price (less than $20!) is a win!

This was yet another black day for me, but I attempted to make things less boring by wearing patterned tights and pink heels. My boss took one look at my outfit and called it "spicy." I took it as a compliment :o)

Gap top. Forever 21 skirt. Couture and House of Harlow rings.
Nine West heels. Target tights. Juicy Couture Nailhead Infinity Scarf.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All I want is...some shopping at Lonnys!

Sorry for my recent hiatus, I've just been really busy, sleep deprived and still sick. :o( I feel like I'm getting better--I should be, I've been sick for almost a month now! And one of my internships will be finishing at the end of the month so hopefully I can catch up on sleep then!

But though I've been too busy/sleepy/sick to blog lately, I will admit I've still managed to sneak time away to shop. (It's what happens when you're a shopaholic!)

I always love discovering websites that have what I like--who doesn't? It's much easier having specific go-to sites rather than going through pages of Google. When trying to browse the newest sales of brands that I like, it is so more efficient knowing exact sites that I can check rather than going through pages of search results.

Let me introduce you to Lonnys, a site I recently discovered with so many of my favorite brands such as Alice + Olivia, Elizabeth & James, Free People, Splendid, and Torn (and many more!). I've been guilty of major shopping lately and still have necessary shopping to do soon (yes, actually necessary--birthday present for my nephew and anniversary present for the boyfriend). So the items I am currently obsessing over are all below $100! Enjoy, my fellow frugal fashionistas!

Obsession of the Moment:

Alternative Apparel Half Sleeve Hoodie, $38; chic and practical--the hoodie is an easy item to throw on and take off when transitioning with the temperature! I love that the cardigan is hooded, yet still versatile and can be easily dressed up or down. Plus, I am currently really into tabbed sleeves.

2877 Navy Striped Rope Dress, $38; nautical is very in right now--this dress has the stripes and the ropes! I love the simplicity of this dress, as well as the braided rope detailing. And at $38, this dress is pretty affordable!

2877 Printed Dress, $72; this dress is anything but boring with its geometric graphic design, cinched waist and cut out/butterfly sleeves.

Subtle hotness:
Only Hearts Tee Tunic, $55; a dress that knows balance. It's short to show off your legs, but covers pretty much everything else. Additionally, the see through lace topped sleeves leave people guessing. This dress has just the right amount of everything.

In a rush:
Splendid Slub Tank Maxi Dress, $98; in reality, maxi dresses are a necessity--everyone needs them for their casual days and lazy days, but most of all, the days where you need to throw something on and still look fabulous.

For your inner hippie:
Lucky Brand Ipanema Smocked Top, $89.50; want to look effortlessly chic? Go boho.

Just because:
Accessories & Beyond Amazonite Bracelet, $98; I have always been obsessed with cool stones, this bracelet is no exception. I really like how the bracelet is tough--yet pretty.

In addition to having fabulous items on their website, Lonnys is extra great because they gave me an exclusive discount code to share with you! Want to save on fantastic fashion? Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter to see the code. :o)

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Give me boots and boys."

I bought these boots nearly 2 months ago and blogged about them, but here is their debut! I love them so far! They are currently being categorized as 3 hour shoes, but I'll have to wear them longer next time and see if I can last in them. I love their tall height and their versatility with their ability to be either thigh high or rolled down as over the knee boots.

My Juicy Couture headband and scarf were purchased at the same time--amazing deals scored at Nordstrom Rack. LOVE that store! I am also especially loving the scarf. I didn't know how I would like an infinity scarf, but I am definitely converted to an infinity scarf wearer! They are so fun and easy to wear, I don't know why I was so hesitant before! They are worn/wrapped like a long scarf would normally, but you are saved the hassle of trying to figure out what to do with the ends of the scarf (well, I have that problem, do you??)! I don't think you can entirely tell from the pictures, but the scarf is also studded. :o)

C & C California top. Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. Easy Money jeans. Juicy Couture headband.
Juicy Couture Nailhead Infinity Scarf. Tarina Tarantino ring. Report boots.

I get constant compliments on my eye makeup and when I thought about, I realized my eyes are as great as they are (well, on a good day!) primarily thanks to Urban Decay and Lancome! Urban Decay is my favorite brand for eyeshadows because I love their selection of colors; I especially love their Book of Shadows. The "Books" always come with a great variety of colors and are always really fun. I give kudos to their marketing and design team--or whoever comes up with the book/box designs; every edition of the Book of Shadows is always really fun and I hate tossing it after I'm done!

I like the Lancome Artliner because on days when I want my eyeliner to be thinner, I can draw it so precisely! (For days when I like my eyeliner thick, I can just angle the Artliner, and the job still gets done!)

I was never a huge fan of Lancome mascaras before because I found that they tended to both smudge and clump, but the Hypnose Drama mascara won me over. It's long last lasting, doesn't flake, and most of all, is one of the best volumizing mascaras I've ever used. And with the help of the Cils Booster, my eyelashes look fabulous! If you pick one product to invest in, it should be the Cils Booster; pair it with any mascara and you will see the difference!

What products/new purchases are you currently loving? :o)


P.S. Don't forget to enter here to win a necklace made by me potentially for you!!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

All I want is...a little bird in my life.

I've always really liked birds. My mom used to take me to Nordstrom Rack when I was little, and I loved going because there was a bakery right next to it. Birds would gathered outside trying to pick up any remnants people might have dropped on their way out. I would always run and chase the birds, hoping to catch one as a pet. I always failed, of course. :o(

Whether it is real birds, fake birds, birds on clothes, birds on decor--I just really like them. I them fun, charming, and whimsical. :o)

Obsession of the Moment: Birds, birds, birds!

1. Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc Bird Pendant Necklace," $57; I love Miss Marc and seeing the birds hold her by her hair always makes me laugh.
2. Leifsdottir "Aviary skirt," $100; I love everything about this skirt--the style, the color, and of course, the lovely bird pattern!
3. Alexander McQueen "Bird Design Oversized Round Sunglasses," $360; personally, I love oversized round sunglasses, and the bird design on the sides make me love these sunglasses even more!
4. Free People "Boxy Bird Tank," $88; obviously, I love the birds, but I also really like the design of it--like the lace detailing--and how the blue is watercolor-esque.
5. Cara "Critters Hummingbird Crystal Stretch Ring," $42; the. cutest. ring. ever. This is a ring I'd probably be willing to pay regular price for. lol.
6. Juicy Couture "Wanderlust Small Wish Bird Pendant Necklace," $48; the little bird is too cute, and I love how dainty this necklace is!
Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc Double Wrap Necklace," $78; hello, cute little birds circling my neck!
8. Urban Outfitters "Love Bird Bank," $5; for 5 bucks, you could be the owner of the cutest money bank ever--piggy banks are so old fashioned!
9. Felix Rey "Love Birds Mesh Clutch," $150; saw this clutch earlier this year and had it bookmarked because I thought it would have been great for Valentine's Day. How cute are those birds!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"'Cause you can, so you do."

Have you tried the Starbucks Toffee Frappuccinos? I love them! Clearly, because I am endorsing them in a following picture and am not paid for it!

Forever 21 dress. Banana Republic cami. BCBG wedges. Handmade necklace.
Juicy Couture bracelet. Swarovski earrings. Nordstrom ring.

Remember those black Calvin Klein heels I used to wear almost always? (They were my go-to heels after all!) Well unfortunately for me, I can't find them. I am 99% sure my closet ate them. But in conclusion, it is why I've been wearing these BCBG wedges so often. They often just happen to be the last worn pair of shoes and not yet placed back correctly in the closet; so when I'm in a hurry, they are the most accessible.

I really need to look for my Calvin Klein heels though (or dig other black heels out) because the Mary Jane style of the BCBG wedges make them a little less versatile. I absolutely love the wedges; but with this dress, it makes me look a tad matronly--which isn't the look I'm going for!

Speaking of things I don't go for, I love shopping online because you can find amazing steals and deals; however, the downside is you're not always 100% guaranteed what you get will be perfect. Obviously when it comes to clothes, if you're in a store, you can try something on. If you get it online, even if you know what size you are in a certain brand, you can find that you don't like the fit of something.

When it comes to accessories, you could potentially go wrong when pictures are extra zoomed in or not shown to scale. When I bought the Juicy bracelet I'm wearing in this post on a flash sale site, I thought it was going to be a lot thicker. Thankfully, it's still really cute, and I love it! You can buy the pink or white version of it here for just $23! And my picture wearing it is accurate!! :o)

But if you're interested in jewelry for free...

April Giveaway

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Have a good rest of the weekend! :o)