Monday, April 4, 2011

All I want is...a little bird in my life.

I've always really liked birds. My mom used to take me to Nordstrom Rack when I was little, and I loved going because there was a bakery right next to it. Birds would gathered outside trying to pick up any remnants people might have dropped on their way out. I would always run and chase the birds, hoping to catch one as a pet. I always failed, of course. :o(

Whether it is real birds, fake birds, birds on clothes, birds on decor--I just really like them. I them fun, charming, and whimsical. :o)

Obsession of the Moment: Birds, birds, birds!

1. Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc Bird Pendant Necklace," $57; I love Miss Marc and seeing the birds hold her by her hair always makes me laugh.
2. Leifsdottir "Aviary skirt," $100; I love everything about this skirt--the style, the color, and of course, the lovely bird pattern!
3. Alexander McQueen "Bird Design Oversized Round Sunglasses," $360; personally, I love oversized round sunglasses, and the bird design on the sides make me love these sunglasses even more!
4. Free People "Boxy Bird Tank," $88; obviously, I love the birds, but I also really like the design of it--like the lace detailing--and how the blue is watercolor-esque.
5. Cara "Critters Hummingbird Crystal Stretch Ring," $42; the. cutest. ring. ever. This is a ring I'd probably be willing to pay regular price for. lol.
6. Juicy Couture "Wanderlust Small Wish Bird Pendant Necklace," $48; the little bird is too cute, and I love how dainty this necklace is!
Marc Jacobs "Miss Marc Double Wrap Necklace," $78; hello, cute little birds circling my neck!
8. Urban Outfitters "Love Bird Bank," $5; for 5 bucks, you could be the owner of the cutest money bank ever--piggy banks are so old fashioned!
9. Felix Rey "Love Birds Mesh Clutch," $150; saw this clutch earlier this year and had it bookmarked because I thought it would have been great for Valentine's Day. How cute are those birds!

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Nicole✗✗ said...

OH this is sooo cute!! I love everything but I adore the Juicy Couture necklace. So pretty!!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the marc jacob!

PS: Thanks for the comment! for my banner, I fellow blog made it for me. Thanks


Marie said...

I love the little birdy skirt!

BTW, as soon as I get a scanner I'll scan my page into the blog :)

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Jessica said...

Love #6, so sweet!

Kristin said...

OMG, that skirt. SOoooooo cute!

Tina Marie said...

Love the Cara bird ring. I bought the Cara frog ring, it's super comfy and fun!

mjaguilera said...

I love birds as well, they're just so vintage and classy! Great list :)

Adair Nicole said...

Love the giveaway this month! Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my new blog! It means a lot! I hope you liked it!

x.x. adair nicole

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Francesca said...

cutest pattern isn't it? :) little birdies! x

Anonymous said...



MelRod said...

Oh these are so pretty and adorable. How can I ever pick just one favorite.


Kimberly said...

so cute love the bluish shirt!

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

these birds are all super cutes!!

issa said...

adore the last necklace!

jessica january said...

hiya, thanks so much for visiting my blog, i'm so glad you like it! yours is lovely as well, and this post is so cute!! i love a bit of avian inspiration!

january, x

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