Sunday, February 27, 2011

All I a pair of Seychelles!

Obsession of the Moment: Seychelles Shoes

Ever since I gave myself that one in, one out rule (buy/acquire a clothing item, donate/sell/throw out an item), I've been working through the shopping loophole by buying accessories and shoes instead.  And when a great sale comes up, I'm like a moth to the light.

Seychelles is one of my favorite shoe brands (see one of my favorite pair of boots here and here), and if you like them too, don't miss out on Modnique's current sale!

If I had it my way, I would buy them all.  Unfortunately, I work part-time at a nonprofit and spend the rest of my time interning for free and can't afford to do so.  :o(

I narrowed my top favorites down to these:

Cut out bootie in Clay:
If you want to play it safe, get these in black because you can't go wrong with black!  However, I prefer them in Clay because I think you can make more of a statement with them.

Slip on clog:
Clogs are very in right now, and these ones are super cute!  I love the knotted detailing.

Metallic leather sandals in Pewter:
I've actually seen the white pair before on other sites and debated whether to get them.  I have a thing for snake print (see here and here), and I don't think I can say no to this version!

Slouch booties in Whiskey:

I also love the gold version of these, but I'm just not daring enough to wear them.  I like the Whiskey ones because the color is classic and far more versatile.  Either way, these booties are a must.  They would go great with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in or worn with skirt (with or without tights)--I'm envisioning them with a knee length full skirt for fun.  :o)

What do you think?  Be sure to check out the sale!  Let me know which ones you liked (or bought)!  :o)


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Throw some glitter, make it rain."

Boy Meets Girl top. rvca shorts. Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. Tarina Tarantino earrings.
AE Scarf. Steve Madden heels. N.Y.C. nail polishes in Starry Silver and Cashmere Creme.

Boy Meets Girl is one of my favorite brands.  I own 2 hoodies, 2 track jackets, 1 skirt, 2 dresses, and the pictured shirt by them and am still looking to add to my collection.  I love the versatility of the brand; while they have a lot of more casual, low key items (i.e., hoodies and screen tees), they also have dressier items like super cute dresses. 

However, if I were to pinpoint what I love most about the brand, it would be their iconic logo of the boy and girl; I think it's super cute and charming.  Normally, the logo is subtle, such as on buttons or zippers, but with this shirt, it's obviously huge.  I hate wearing a jacket or anything to cover it because then people can't see the cute picture!

I bought these Steve Madden heels for a steal of a deal at Marshall's (hello, $20 well spent!) and am so glad I did.  I snagged them off the shelf as soon as I saw them in my size and knew I had to have them.  I ignored the practical voice inside my head telling me that glittery heels weren't too versatile, but "I am so getting these anyway!" I said out loud and I did. 

Glittery heels are one of those hello-look-at-me items that you have to careful with.  In reality, it's like a super bright colored shirt.  It is both great and very attention-grabbing; therefore, you have to make sure you're not wearing other items that will compete with it.  A general rule of thumb I like to have is to keep my general outfit simple, but then choose one item to be in the main attraction (and if my whole outfit is simple, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!).

Remember when I excitedly posted about these Tarina Tarantino earrings?  Well, they were everything I had hoped for!  :o)

I had debated whether to paint my nails light blue or glittery so I just compromised and painted them glittery light blue!  I give the NYC polishes a 3/5.

It took me about 4 coats (2 of each color) to get my nails to stay polished for about a week.  Overall, I do like the NYC polishes because they are super cheap and if you get bored of having the same colored nails for more than a few days, the polishes are perfect.  I do recommend avoiding dark colored polishes by the brand because I've found that they stain your nails.

I've seen some bloggers do guest posting and I think it's a great idea.  If anyone is interested in doing a blog "swap"/mutual guest post for a day, let me know!



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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"She ain't got riches, but she's got fashion."

There are numerous fashion bloggers participating in the 30 for 30, and I opted to not participate from the beginning.  In reality, I would likely inadvertently end up participating because when I like certain items, I wear them over and over again (like these Zigi boots actually, as also seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and just a few days ago here...).  I'm not even going to bother listing all the posts where I've worn my black People's Liberation jacket because the number of links I provide would probably be double digits; my friend even told me that I needed to retire the jacket from wearing it so often (of course, that won't happen because I absolutely love it). 

However, I'm well aware of my habitual wearing habit and that's why one of my goals this year is to wear everything in my closet at least once.  Thus, this blazer is making its appearance for the first time in nearly a year!  Last time I wore it was March of last year (see here)!  Some items in my closet don't normally even get lucky enough to be worn annually, but hopefully, I can accomplish my goal and change that!

C  & C California top. William Rast blazer. Heartloom skirt. Zigi Soho boots. Moschino earrings.

I'm in love with this mural downtown and finally got around to taking pictures with it.  If my shirt wasn't in color, I could fully blend into the black and white! 

Special thanks to KC from Sequin Corner Cakes for awarding me with the "Stylish Blogger Award"!  I'm so flattered!  :o)

Rules receiving this award:
-Thank and link back to the person who gave you this reward.
-Share 7 things about yourself.
-Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
-Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 Things About Me:

1. The first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be to go out and buy a classic medium Chanel "shopping bag" or a Louis Vuitton monogram Speedy 30 bag.
2. Writing is one of my biggest passions.  I published 2 books of poetry by the time I was 17 (see here and here).  I'm currently working on a children's book.
3. I have loved arts and crafts since I was a kid (see my recent painting and headbands).
4. I'm not good at any sports, I just run; I do the Susan B. Komen 5K annually.
5. I am a complete night owl; I am lucky if I can get to bed by 3am.  I just feel most motivated to get things done late at night.
6. When I was little, I used to change my favorite color every birthday until I ran out of the "good" colors and was left with having either orange, yellow, or brown as my favorite color; so I just gave up.
7. I'm a bit old fashioned and love reading and writing emails. (Email me at!)

I pass the Stylish Blogger Award to:

1. Kileen of Cute and Little: you can be sure to find her in a fabulous outfit every time.
2. Shin of Fashion Cappuccino: great pictures, great picks, and great outfits.
3. Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs: she's just lovely!
4. Elle Sees: great photo collages!
5. Kryz of Thirstythought: has impeccable outfits.
6. My Closet in Sketches: love her illustrated outfits.
7. Melrod of Modanista Junkie: great style!
8. Jamie of Glam Latte: she has great taste!
9. Diana of Diana Kang: amazingly glamorous style, plus, I'm pretty sure we have the same taste in music.
10. Sheryl of Walk In Wonderland: really cute outfits!
11. P.S. I Made This: so fashionably creative.
12. Bonnie of Flashes of Style: always looks effortlessly cute.
13. Karolina of K Come Karolina: great blog!
14. Passports and Prada: love her versality.
15. Bonnie of Glam Kitten's Litter Box: her personality really shines through her blog.

Congrats everyone!  :o)


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Memories of the light in your eyes."

C  & C California top. Romeo & Juliet Couture vest. Joe's Jeans. Zigi Soho boots.
Marc Jacobs necklace. American Eagle and Nordstrom rings. Revlon nail polish in Minted.

I'm currently going through one of my nail polish phases (where I normally buy and use nail polish religiously for a couple of months and then get lazy and go sans nail polish for the rest of the year), and I'm currently in love with Revlon Nail Enamel in Minted.  I absolutely love the color.  I actually bought the polish because I thought it was the same shade as the Tiffany blue; unfortunately, when I painted my nails and compared them to my Tiffany bags and boxes, the nail polish has too much green in them so the shade is off.  Still, I find the color refreshing.  :o)

As for the nail polish itself, I give it a 3.5/5 rating.  I like Revlon for the fact that their polishes are
DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free, but I don't like how runny it was, the slight bubbles, and how it takes at least a couple of hours for 2 coats of the nail polish to fully dry.  The polish is lasted me about 9 days before noticeable chipping. 

On a side note, I've been getting back in touch with my arty side.  Here is a picture I painted for a friend (it's Peter the Panda from Phineas and Ferb)It's pretty simple but was rather fun to create.  :o)

I've made February my month to focus on art so hopefully I'll be posting more pictures of art pieces later.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"L is for the way you look at me."

Hurley dress. Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. American Eagle and Forever 21 rings.
"Return to Tiffany" Tiffany & Co. earrings. Nine West heels.

Love "Make It & Take It" days at the local craft store!  Card I made for the boyfriend:

How cute are these!  They are kissing chihuahua salt and pepper shakers!

I had been hinting at this bracelet for nearly a year now, but the boyfriend finally got around to it!  :o)

What is Valentine's Day without hearts?  And what is life without sprinkles?! 

How was your Valentine's Day this year?  :o)


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

All I another stylish addition to my closet.

The great thing about sample sales and flash sales sites is the easy access to new brands.  Through a flash sale site, I was introduced to Lucca Couture which is now one of my favorite brands.

I recently discovered Garner Grace through Modnique, a flash sale site I recently joined.  Garner Grace has simple, yet chic clothes!  I pretty much want everything in the sale, but below are my top favorites.  :o)  The sale is currently going on now and will last for 2 more days so be sure to check it out! 

Also obsessing over another Pretty Little Liars outfit....

Of all 4 of the Pretty Little Liars, Aria is probably my favorite in both style and personality.  However, in this last week's "Je Suis une Amie" episode, it was Spencer's style I was obsessing over.  I absolutely love, love, love Spencer's top here!  After I watched the video, I knew I had to find out what shirt she was wearing.  It is Foley & Corrina's "Draped Lion Tunic."  At $120, it is sadly out of my price range.  There is also the "Asymmetric Lion Head Blouse" which is a similar style and a wee bit cheaper.

Have you discovered any great items recently?


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