Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Throw some glitter, make it rain."

Boy Meets Girl top. rvca shorts. Abercrombie & Fitch jacket. Tarina Tarantino earrings.
AE Scarf. Steve Madden heels. N.Y.C. nail polishes in Starry Silver and Cashmere Creme.

Boy Meets Girl is one of my favorite brands.  I own 2 hoodies, 2 track jackets, 1 skirt, 2 dresses, and the pictured shirt by them and am still looking to add to my collection.  I love the versatility of the brand; while they have a lot of more casual, low key items (i.e., hoodies and screen tees), they also have dressier items like super cute dresses. 

However, if I were to pinpoint what I love most about the brand, it would be their iconic logo of the boy and girl; I think it's super cute and charming.  Normally, the logo is subtle, such as on buttons or zippers, but with this shirt, it's obviously huge.  I hate wearing a jacket or anything to cover it because then people can't see the cute picture!

I bought these Steve Madden heels for a steal of a deal at Marshall's (hello, $20 well spent!) and am so glad I did.  I snagged them off the shelf as soon as I saw them in my size and knew I had to have them.  I ignored the practical voice inside my head telling me that glittery heels weren't too versatile, but "I am so getting these anyway!" I said out loud and I did. 

Glittery heels are one of those hello-look-at-me items that you have to careful with.  In reality, it's like a super bright colored shirt.  It is both great and very attention-grabbing; therefore, you have to make sure you're not wearing other items that will compete with it.  A general rule of thumb I like to have is to keep my general outfit simple, but then choose one item to be in the main attraction (and if my whole outfit is simple, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!).

Remember when I excitedly posted about these Tarina Tarantino earrings?  Well, they were everything I had hoped for!  :o)

I had debated whether to paint my nails light blue or glittery so I just compromised and painted them glittery light blue!  I give the NYC polishes a 3/5.

It took me about 4 coats (2 of each color) to get my nails to stay polished for about a week.  Overall, I do like the NYC polishes because they are super cheap and if you get bored of having the same colored nails for more than a few days, the polishes are perfect.  I do recommend avoiding dark colored polishes by the brand because I've found that they stain your nails.

I've seen some bloggers do guest posting and I think it's a great idea.  If anyone is interested in doing a blog "swap"/mutual guest post for a day, let me know!



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Nicole✗✗ said...

Great outfit! I love the nails and those steve madden shoes are gorgeous!! I have seen glittery heels a lot lately; I need to snag me a pair.

ChiccaStyle said...

Love this outfit, simple but chic!!!

S said...

Amazing shoes!
And the earrings are so cute!^^

GIVEAWAY on blog

sartorial diary said...

firstly,love the first picture with the ducks!
secondly awesome pumps(i am all for glitter!).
love the ring and also i would most certainly be interested in the mutual guest post for a day! said...

OMG I love the earrings! Wayyyy tooooo cute. I love everything on this post actually. You make dressing up look like so much fun.

I came across your blog thanks to your comment. Lovely posts!

xoxo, Plums and Pearls said...

Love the title to this post, and yay for glitter!!! Don;t know a girl who doesn't love glitter and sparkles!!!

Love your braided hair.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love the beautiful details on your sweater! Your earring is just too adorable!! Have a lovely weekend! xxoxoxoo

Gabrielle said...

Love this look! I'm following, hope you follow me back!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Lovely details!

Have a great weekend, cheers: Evi

Alexandra said...

cute ducks!<3

I am in love with those shoes,they're amazing!! And you hair-do is so nice!

alexandra @

kate maggie said...

I love your shoes and earrings! I love Hello Kitty. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

Previously Owned said...

such a cool outfit! <3 Specially the nails! I must be some of that glittery nail polish pronto! lol

Thanks for commenting on my blog dear!


Megan said...

hey lovely! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

adorable outfit! xx

MyFavouriteThings said...

Hi Samantha, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your outfit, particularly your sparkle shoes! Everybody should own a pair:)

Flashes of Style said...

Looove your sparkly heels! So cute <33

dotty said...

i can see why you like that brand so much, that cardigan is awesome! and the color works so well with black and gray!

(S) said...

I replied on my own blog, too, but L and I would love to invite you to post for us when this 30 for 30 remix is over.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love your hair and I loving your shoes!


violette said...

Love the glitter pumps! Wow!

Vanessa said...

Ummm... those glitter heels are just too much, in the best possible way!

Lucyana Mendes said...

Following you from Portugal, love your blog!!!!!!!!

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