Monday, September 27, 2010

View from heaven.

People's Liberation top. Earl jeans. Coach handbag.
Marc Jacobs cuff. Nordstrom ring. Guess watch. Report flats.

This was a great day (because what day with Starbucks is not a great day?)!  I started my day meeting up with a friend for some coffee and ended the day with a great hike at Multnomah Falls.  It was a pretty big deal because first, I am hardly [read: not] an outdoorsy person and secondly, it was my first hike ever.  It felt good though and I actually had a great time. 

I had acquired a minor foot fracture earlier in the summer from running (no, not in heels; it was real running, I promise) so to make it make all the way to the top and back was quite satisfying.  I do have to admit it was also more exciting than the 5k race I had done last week.  The scenery at Multnomah Falls is amazing which definitely inspires you to keep going.  So maybe I'll start hiking instead of running?  Who knows!  But my experience did prove the saying that you never know until you try...

I would highly recommend Multnomah Falls to anyone living or visiting the Pacific Northwest.  It's a relatively easy hike with amazing views!

P.S. Don't worry, I changed into a different outfit before I went hiking!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Come on and dance with me."

Super old pictures, more than a month late, but here they are!  I had an amazing time at the Vans Warped Tour this year.  It was my very first Warped Tour, but it will surely not be my last!  Discovered a couple of new bands while trying to find shade that day (it was probably blazing high 90's) such as...

After Midnight Project:


One of the top bands I went to go see was The Pretty Reckless, mostly to see Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl.  For a girl rock singer, I thought she was pretty good.  In person, she is definitely a character... I also think that I look really out of place in the picture with the band because I look way too happy.

One of the other top performers I had wanted to see what Mike Posner who is amazing live. It's pretty crazy to think that he's my age!  Then again, it's always surreal comparing myself to anyone famous and insanely successful who is my age (let alone those younger than me, hello Taylor Momsen).

And my favorite show of the day, by one of my favorite bands:

The Cab:

But don't worry, I haven't forgotten my goal for this to be a fashion blog so let me leave you with these tips: during any given ridiculously hot day when you're outside for about 10 hours, don't be lazy and wear a normal bra with a racerback tank top and do avoid statement necklaces; because to sum, everyone knows that funky tan lines aren't so fashionable. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"West coast represent."

Michael Stars top. Joie shorts. Coach sneakers.
Cara Couture earrings. House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle bracelets.

Remember how in a previous blog here I was going on about how I love versatile clothing items?  And more specifically, I talked about these Joie shorts being so versatile.  Well, voila!  Here they are in a casual outfit!  It's only been recently that I've moved away from being a total jeans girl to being a dress/skirts girl.  Either way, it's usually pretty rare for me to be without heels when I'm not working.  So this outfit, in its entirety, is a causal outfit.

Still, no outfit is complete without accessories!  When I'm not wearing a great pair of heels, nothing makes me more confident than great accessories.  This House of Harlow ring is probably my favorite.  I had coveted when I first saw Nicole Richie wear it in some magazine (People, perhaps?).  Meanwhile, I am still lasting for the necklace and cuff...not to mention a million other things since House of Harlow is one of my absolute favorite jewelry brands!

These sneakers are actually one of those pairs of shoes that I rarely wear.  I love them to death because not only are they lovely, they also match my Coach butterfly tote as seen awhile back here, here, herehere, and here.  (My tote is clearly also a well loved bag.)  Unfortunately, the sneakers are cloth are pretty high maintenance.  And living in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 75% of the time, I can only save them for guaranteed dry days.  But even so, I still have to be careful with them since they're white; mere specks of dirt and they would be tainted forever!

Side note, for any Juicy Couture fans like myself out there who love both couture and saving money, there's an additional 30% off sale going on!  Until September 21st, use discount code "FRIENDS" at Juicy Couture for 30% off your purchase!  As they say, go couture yourself!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"All we need in this world is some love."

Banana Republic top. Free People skirt. Calvin Klein heels.
Juicy Couture necklace. House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle bracelet. Coach handbag.

I get attached to things.  So when I find a great pair of heels that I can live in all day, you can be certain I'll get attached.  Thus, it is why you see these heels here, here, here, and of course, in today's blog.  I have a hard time find amazing heels that are as comfortable as they are lovely--and I feel like I'm not alone.  However, when you see me wearing a pair of heels so often, at least you know that they aren't included in the group of shoes that are destined to stay confined to my closet.