Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I know a place where the grass is really greener."

Alex & Chloe tee. Joie shorts. Calvin Klein heels.
Carolee earrings. Linea Pelle bracelets. Forever 21 rings.

I love versatile clothing items.  Then again, who doesn't?  Versatility adds to convenience and efficiency.  Sometimes--okay, more often than not--I fall in love with a clothing item (or a pair of shoes...) that I must absolutely have for the sake of having it, like I couldn't imagine life without it.  I have a pair of beautiful Steve Madden heels that I bought probably more than a year ago and have never worn, but I had to have them.  They are gorgeous.  They are a dark red, almost a red violet color (perhaps setback #1 because I rarely wear red) with a t-strap made of this ruffly, flowery design.  Lovely.  Sometimes, I like to open up the shoe box and just gaze at them because looking at them makes me happy; they are a work of art.  (In general, I consider fashion art.)  But someday, I will find an outfit to go with those shoes (probably buy an outfit solely for wearing with those heels...) and I will finally wear them!  Hopefully.

However, I do like to be a really effective shopper and buy items that are versatile, that are not bought to simply go toward a single outfit.  Example A: my Alex & Chloe shirt.  I love this shirt because it's so simple and casual, yet can be easily dressed up.  I wore the shirt with some jeans as seen here and nicer shorts as seen above, but if I really wanted to, the shirt could easily be worn with a skirt.  I prefer to dress the shirt up with some heels, but it could certainly be paired with some flats or sneakers.


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