Sunday, July 25, 2010

"When the ocean met the sky. (You missed, you missed.)"

Alex & Chloe tee. People's Liberation jacket. Joe's Jeans. Marc Jacobs tote. BCBG wedges.

I love the whimsical, eccentric, and fun style of Alex & Chloe.  This tee shirt is one of my favorites.  It's really comfortable and simple, yet fun.  Apparently, it is also a celebrity favorite as seen on Joe Jonas (of the Jonas brothers) here, Jessica Stroup (Silver) wore it in an episode of 90210 seen here, and Demi Lovato wears the pink version of this tee as seen here.  I admit that my outfit doesn't entirely match (I have a really bad habit of not changing purses to match outfits), but in my defense, it was meant to be a casual outfit because I kind of threw everything on in a frenzy to leave and not be so late.  I love the "anytime factor" of the tee shirt.  I think I could even dress it up, easily pairing it with a simple skirt--a red skirt would be great!  (If only I had a red skirt...)    


Sabrina [19] said...

Thank you for your entry :D
As there were some layout problems, I made a new one :D
You can see it, if you stop by a 2nd time on my blog ;D

Have fun :)

Ciao, Sabrina

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