Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Everything means nothing, if I ain't got you."

William Rast top [over] C & C California shirt. Rich & Skinny jeans. 
Aldo heels. Forever 21 flower & ring. Marc Jacobs tote.

It was a cooler day, but I really wanted to wear my new William Rast top so I paired it with a C & California long sleeved tee under.  Presto!  The black of the tee also coordinated really well with the black of the buttons and tie of the William Rast top.  Yeah, I didn't analyze this outfit or anything...However, if I had to replan it, I would've worn different jeans.  Because as much as I absolutely love this pair of Rich & Skinny jeans, the best part about them is the studs on the sides.  But with the length of my top, you can't even see, let alone appreciate the studded detailing of the jeans.  It's all about the details!


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