Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Just can't get enough."

French Connection dress. Forever 21 jacket. Betsey Johnson socks. BCBG wedges.
Juicy Couture necklace. Tarina Tarantino Carved Rose Bracelets in Raspberry. Guess watch.

Yay for more over-the-knee socks! I told you I bought a whole bunch of pairs! When I bought this pair, I hadn't actually been sure that I would ever wear them because they're not a very versatile color. In honestly, I bought them for the frilly top and the pink bow. :o) But I'm glad I did because I love them!

I also love the jacket here because it's so fun with its tiers and ruffles, big buttons, and full skirt, and despite all the frills and thrills, this jacket is actually very low maintenance with its nylon material. Interestingly enough, this jacket has a suspiciously close resemblance to this Marc Jacobs Sateen Tiered Coat... I didn't plan it that way--in fact, I didn't know about the MJ jacket until I came across it randomly shopping online after getting the Forever 21--but I would say I certainly got the look for cheaper!

However, speaking of getting the look for cheaper, you can get my Tarina Tarantino "Carved Rose" bracelets for $38 each.....

.....or you can get the look with these "Fabulous Finds" Forever 21 "Rose Bead" bracelets for $1.50 each!

I'm actually thinking of buying a few of the Forever 21 bracelets to wear with my Tarina Tarantino ones. :o)

Also, because I didn't end up doing a giveaway in February, I decided to do a reader recognition!

I appreciate the time that everyone takes to read my blog and give me your feedback and thoughts. When I do my reader recognitions, I'll probably note my favorite comment, best feedback received, etc. However, I would like my first Reader Recognition to be my most loyal readers last month! A huge THANK YOU to Nicole of Electric Daze and Mel of Modanista Junkie! The fact that they commented on every single post I did last month means so much to me!

I read every single comment I get! I really appreciate when I receive comments--they make me :o)


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Juliana Zimmermann said...


I just loved the outfit and the bracelets!


little t said...

Aw cute socks!

And thank YOU for all the posts xx


Anjela said...

Love the socks!!!You look great; and the bracelets are such a nice addition!:)

p.s.-thanks for your comment!:) said...

I am in love with your knee-highs!! They are so adorable.


Carrie Fabulous said...

Super cute love love your Betsey socks! Just found following you!
XO Carrie

Nicole✗✗ said...

Oh my goodness you look so cute!!! I love this outfit and those forever 21 bracelets are adorable. You should get them!

Thank you sooo much for the mention! Of course I came by, read and commented-your blog is AMAZING!!

cryskay said...

cute jacket & socks! xo

Samantha Elisabeth said...

Aw this is such an adorable look! And nice bracelet find!

Mari said...

So cute! I love how you wear the girly blue socks with the starker blacks. =)

Also, I just posted the 29th outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

Twenty-nine of 30!


-La Copine


Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a cute dress and those long socks are adorable. Have a great Thursday

Bonnie said...

Over-the-knee socks are one of my favorite things in the world to accessorize an outfit. You can do anything with them.
You look faaaaaabbbbbulous, darling! <3
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

kileen said...

omg, these betsey johnson socks are the cutest!! i love how you styled it!

cute and little

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

i love this black dress with the bow!

chellemorgan said...

So cute! Love the dress and the knee socks are so girly but funky :)

Xo Chelle

Vanessa said...

I love that carved rose bracelet so much! I wish the nearest F21 wasn't 140 plus miles away from me!
And you are definitely rockin the socks!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a cute dress! I first thought your socks were tights at first! The little ruffles on top are so delicate and pretty! xoxoxoo

Audrey Allure said...

Such a cute outfit!

Liya said...

i love it, its so pretty :D

Liya said...

esp the socks ;)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

That jacket is divine, so pretty! and the little bangles are so pretty

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Tiffany* said...

This dress is so adorable! Love those bracelets- never saw the roses before. My ex got me a bracelet of hers in black skulls which is fun but a lil morbib to wear.

Hope you're well love!

efeNes said...

Love your socks! So cute.


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