Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"You got designer shades, just to hide your face."

It was another lazy day. I was running late so I threw on my Joie maxi dress, Juicy Couture jacket, and flats (as well as accessories, of course--I wasn't feeling so lazy that I would go sans accessories!) because it was an easy, but still cute, outfit. I had planned on changing my outfit later in the day but ending up really liking the outfit so I wore it all day. Maxi dresses are definitely essential for any girl--they are cute and great to just throw on really quick! :o)

Joie dress. Juicy Couture jacket. Gola flats. Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses.
House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle and Nordstrom bracelets. Sophie watch.

Love the floral print design on the side of the sunglasses! :o)

Obviously, Gossip Girl is full of amazing style, but it's been awhile since I saw something that made me go, "OMG, I LOVE THAT!" That is, until I saw the Twenty8Twelve "Petunia" top Serena wore in the season finale ("The Wrong Goodbye"). I love it with the Herve Leger "Contrast Bandage Pencil Skirt" too!

[Image courtesy of www.leightonmeester.us]

What did you think of 90210 and Gossip Girl season finales (if you watched)? [NOTE: slight spoilers follow!] 90210 was okay, I was really sad Liam and Annie won't be together, and I think Adrianna needs a serious wake up call. Otherwise, I don't think it was too exciting.

Gossip Girl was pretty good, though not as good as I thought it would be. Most importantly, thank goodness Blair didn't get caught/die in a fire. Is there anyone else besides me who hates Vanessa? She really needs to go away, and I don't mean to Barcelona. She just needs to go away in general. At least Georgina is funny. Vanessa is just a selfish beyotch (sorry if I offended anyone, I couldn't think of any other nicer way to put it). I don't think this season finale was as gripping as the ones in the past, but I still can't wait until Gossip Girl returns.

However, if we're talking about gripping season finales, Castle anyone? That one was a total cliffhanger!

Thankfully, we don't have to wait too long for good television--Pretty Little Liars returns next month! I'm excited to have both my drama and fashion needs filled. :o)

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Jessica said...

Cute sunglasses and i love that skirt on you!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Love the skirt and glasses!


Bonnie said...

I love your outfit!!! I'm glad that you kept it on all day. Tons of people deserve to see it and admire its beauty.
When I saw Serena's top, I literally gasped and started screaming, "I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE."
I loved the finale. I actually cried when Blair and Chuck said their goodbyes to each other. Since the first season, I was obsessed with them hooking up, and then they did, and my life was complete. I am SO on team Blair/Chuck. I'm still holding out hope that they will get back together. I think it is inevitable.
Vanessa actually is leaving the show for good. They fired Jessica Szohr because everyone hates her. WINNING.
The only part of the finale that I thought was stupid and pointless was the pregnancy thing at the end. That was dumb, and I will be interested to see how they will pull it off next season.

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Sam! What a lovely outfit! The maxi skirts are so essential! They look flattering on any girl! I haven't watched any TV at all so it was great to read your post and catch up! xxooxoxo

Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the skirt!


Elaine said...

Beautiful! I've been really into maxis lately too!

Aya said...

Love the Juicy jacket, and the watch is fab!!! I'm a huge fan of Gossip Girl, and I missed the finale, but I just posted about Gossip Girl on my blog! Check it out! :) xoxox!


roel said...

Haven't watch GG or 90210 :( but your outfit is really cute!

GiGi Reed said...

I love love love this...and your blog! :) So FUN!

Sam said...

Cute look! I love your accessories!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Love your sunglasses, out and I am adoring your watch!


Erin said...

SAMANTHA! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I would love for you to follow me!

Also, I love this post! Gossip Girl is one of my absolutely favorite shows, and the style is just incredible! You look so girlie and feminine, which I love!


Anonymous said...

ey girl! this LBD is so beuty, and perfect for any chance! i would like you'll visit my blog and follow each other!


Dilan Dilir said...

great post :)

Anonymous said...

Your skirt is looovely. I love it, the color, the pleats. Oh I can imagine it dancing with the wind. XX

Jules said...

Cute outfit. I voted! :)


GretchTM said...

Adorable! I love your sunglasses.

Gossip girl was pretty intense. I don't like Vanessa either.

jamie-lee said...

love both of your outfits, so cute! GG was soo good, I can't wait for next season! xx

cryskay said...

cute skirt! such a pretty color. xx

Pieter said...

Love your jacket and dress! x


Kristin said...

Your skirt is such a lovely color and that watch is gorgeous!

GINA BIBER said...

Great gold watch! :- )



Boma said...

Love the skirt! Wish I could vote, but I guess it's too late now :(


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