Sunday, May 15, 2011

"I wouldn't wanna have it any other way, I'm addicted."

I was always told that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. I've seen plenty of flowers, but apparently that doesn't mean that the April showers stop. I've always felt like I've been living in the wrong area. The Pacific Northwest is for people who can tolerate the abundant rain and love the outdoors. I hate the rain and my idea of spending time outdoors is probably running outside--in the sun, going to the beach--in the sun, or having a picnic--in the sun. Rain, rain, pleeeeeeeease go away.

In conclusion, I savor any breaks in the rain, especially so I can take pictures outside--in the sun (or at least non-rain).

Banana Republic sweater. Easy Money jeans. Groove boots.
House of Harlow ring. Linea Pelle bracelet. Cara Couture earrings.

I love this Banana Republic sweater, it's probably my favorite short sleeved sweater. I love the dark green, the puffed sleeves--just the right puff, not too big, not too small--and the floral print. :o)

To me, accessories are the icing on the cake. They provide the finish to the outfit and should definitely not overshadow your outfit. Therefore, if your top is busy and is already drawing plenty of attention to itself, go for dangly earrings instead. And if you were like I was and still really wanted a necklace, make sure to keep it simple. It's all about balance.

Sorry for the false announcement of the 90210 and Gossip Girl season finales last week--I really thought it was last week! So let me say again how super excited I am! How great will Ivy's wedding be? What will happen because of Naomi's paper? Will Adrianna get what she really deserves? (I hope so!!)

What is Georgina doing back in town? What are they going to do with crazy Charlie? When will everyone figure out Blair is missing? And please don't let Blair die because she's my favorite character!! Leighton Meester isn't going to be renewing her contract when it ends; if it's ending season, I hope they write her off marrying the prince and moving to Europe instead of dying in a fire because that would not be cool.

And at the same time, I will be switching back and forth to watch the season finale of Chuck as well. I'm hoping for a happy episode!!

Also sad that Smallville is over, though bittersweet rather. It was starting to not be as good, but certainly had a good run. Will definitely miss Tom Wellings! :o(

Sorry if I spoiled anything for anyone who hasn't been watching, but you shouldn't be missing out on great shows! :o)


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Ashley Rae said...

Wow! You're a published author?! That's amazing.
I am not a fan of rain either but I guess I shouldn't complain since I live in SoCal and most of the time we're in dire need of rain. Maybe it's time for you to move a little south!
Great sweater, by the way. I love the color.


Sonia Mane said...

What have you written, I'd love to read! I am a new follower, but I've perrused your archives and I love reading your daily stories almost as much as I enjoy the style photos! Much love!

Cam said...

you have great shoes and your smile is so shiny ! ;);)

thank you for visiting my profile ;);)

oomph. said...

i like the puff sleeves on this cute little sweater! and it's a great, sort of abstract, floral print...which i love.

you asked how tall i was...only 5'-2".

Anonymous said...

The rain totally blows when trying to take outside photos!!!

Love your boots!

p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. :)


Michelle Lee said...

lovely top :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.
I use to love the rain but now I hate it :P
I savor the little sun we get now too :)

Love your outfit and earrings!!
and your makeup is pretty :)

Francesca said...

My shirt is from :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving your outfit! Your boots are gorgeous and those earrings are so pretty!!!


Winnie said...

I live in England and well, it's well known for a lot of rain (though I don't think this is necessarily true- we just rarely get a consistent Summer) and everyone here complains given the chance! Haha, so maybe no one ever gets used to it!

daily mix LA said...

cute earings!

Vanessa Valdivia said...

I don't like rain now either. You look so lovely in your outfit.

Hugs from:

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