Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I to not look sick.

Happy hump day!  And for any of you with your mind in the gutter, let me translate: yay, it's Wednesday!  The week is like a hill.  Wednesday is at the top of the hill (because it's the middle of the week).  Once Wednesday is over, you can just go downhill at full speed toward the end of the week (i.e., weekend!).

My high school freshmen English teacher once lectured us (well, mainly the boys) that you should never tell someone that they look tired because essentially, you're telling them that they look like crap.  And no one wants to hear that.

Unfortunately for me, I've been both sick and tired lately.  I've had some sort of cold/sinus/flu deal going on that is no fun.  Earlier in the week when I had come into work, my boss had commented on how "much more rested [I] looked than the prior day."  I had been really surprised because ironically, I had actually slept poorly, and I had actually had a much better sleep the night before.  So what had made the difference in my appearance?  Makeup.

People go on about how great au natural is, but in my opinion, makeup is your friend.  Some people are blessed to be gorgeous and of no need of makeup.  (I, however, will probably need to wear makeup for the next decade to stop being mistaken as a 14-year-old.)  Nonetheless, when you're tired or sick--or worse, both, your friend makeup can be there to help you out.

Obsession of the Week: Makeup to liven things up


-- Stila Perfecting Concealer: everyone needs a good under eye concealer; this is mine. (It can, however, be used for the whole face as well.)

--Lanôme Ombre Glacée: I bought this from Nordstrom awhile back, but unfortunately, I think it is sold out everywhere because I couldn't find it online (although you could probably try eBay). It's a "cooling gel illuminator" for both your eyes and face. I like to use it below my eyes, close to the region where I would use my concealer. It's like a Plan B; if the concealer happens to not conceal my dark circles enough, the
Ombre Glacée can come in and shimmer, distracting from the under eye baggage.


--Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact (in Sun Bunny): bronzers are a must; they add necessary color to your face. While blush could also work, I prefer bronzer because I think it looks more natural. I don't use bronzer all over my face for a tanned look; rather, I just dab a bit on my cheekbones like I would do with blush. However, instead of having rosy cheeks all day, I simply look more alive with color in my face. Another bronzer I also really like is the Sephora Bronze Trio.

--Stila 24kt Gloss: when you're already pale and sickly, the last thing you want are pale lips.  Solution: bright lips!  I like this gloss because I go about my day more confident knowing I have 24kt gold on my lips!  :o)

What products do you use to fake good health/look better?

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Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Great blog ! Hope you'll become a follower of my blog too?

Isabel said...

i agree that make up is your friend. i dont like when girls are plastered with it but its great for hiding flaws and bring out features

kirstyb said...

love Stila products x

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair said...

I love make up, crazy about it! Unfortunately, we don't have Stila in Sweden! I've been dying to try their smudge pots!

CaliforniaCandy said...

Following you via Bloglovin' dear :)

Carina said...

Haha loved your begining. I refer to Wednesday as 'the hump' too.

Ah makeup, what would we do without it? Im still young and dont use all that much, but when applied nicely it can really be your best friend:) Ive never used stila before, but have heard great reviews on it.

xx Carina

Tendencia Propia said...

I think all girls love make up!!!!

i follow you in facebook too!

kisses and get well soon.

Emilie said...

great post :D thanks for the tip :)


Mariana Lourenço said...

nice blog, the looks inspired on celebrities are really cool!!1

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