Saturday, December 4, 2010

All I vanilla bliss.

As the weather gets colder and my skin gets drier (and all that hand washing doesn't help either!), I want solutions.

I like Eucerin moisturizing creams (about $7 for 13.5 oz. in most drug stores), but I don't like the smell of it or the greasy feel afterwards.  I usually use it right before bed to avoid leaving greasy hand prints on everything.

I also like lotions from Bath & Body Works (I recommend snagging the Vanilla Bean Noel while it's available during the holiday season).  However, while the smell--depending which fragrance of lotion you are using (the Vanilla Bean Noel is great!)--will last almost all day, my hands return to dry and flaky-looking in less than an hour after usage.

Thankfully, I found a great solution that combines the moisturizing of Eucerin and the long lasting fragrance of Bath & Body Works lotions--Bliss!

Bliss is renown for their spas all over their country, and their products are amazing!  While those on a budget may feel that they are a bit pricey, I promise you that Bliss is worth it! 

As a huge fan of vanilla fragrance, I recommend anything vanilla + bergamot by them.  Below are my 2 favorite go-to products.  You can also visit their website for other deals (such as bundles and sets).

Obsession of the Week: vanilla bliss

Bliss vanilla + bergamot body butter, $28 for 6.7 oz. or $35 for 8.5 oz.: leaves my skin instantly soft and smelling like vanilla all day long.

Bliss vanilla + bergamot body buff, $36 for 12 oz.: leaves skin extra soft after a shower and has you smelling like vanilla even hours after.

What are your go-to skin products during the winter?

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Vere said...

nice blog! XX

Nicoline said...

Love your blog! Please visit or follow my blog!

Nicole✗✗ said...

I will have to try this! I love love love vanilla!!

Flashes of Style said...

Ooo looks nice! <3

pancakeSTACKER said...

I love Vanilla! My favorite is Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace lotion. Leaves my skin soft and smelling like sweet vanilla blossoms :) I will need to check out Bliss. Looks like it could be just as nice!

Stop by again soon!

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