Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Imagination, life is your creation."

Juicy Couture dress. House of Harlow ring. Nine West heels.

For my blog title, I looked up the lyrics to Aqua's "Barbie Girl" song (it came out in the late 90's) and was surprised at its in appropriateness.  We used to sing it all the time when it came onto the radio in 5th grade.  I also heard it all the time in middle school gym class because our gym teachers used to play an odd mixed CD that consisted of "Barbie Girl" and the SpongeBob Squarepants theme song (if there were any other songs on that CD, we never heard them) while we ran laps.  There was another version of the song that kids used to sing altering the verses so that they were more inappropriate (for example, instead of "life is plastic," Barbie talked about her rack being plastic), but I never realized that the original version of the song is bursting with innuendo! 

It seems rather common with kids, throughout generations, insisting on listening to the most popular pop and hip-hop stations/music and get hooked to songs without fully understanding what they're about--and if they do, they shouldn't!  Take Lady Gaga for example--how many of her songs do not include any innuendo?  I would probably say 5 at most.  When my [work] kids are going around singing about "taking a ride on your disco stick," I beg them to stop singing immediately.

But back to fashion stuff... 

Love this dress!  I've been obsessed since I first saw it in Barbie's 50th Anniversary Fashion Show.  Did anyone else watch/see the outfits from the show?  Some of them were borderline un-Barbie-like, but still, the fashion was absolutely amazing!  Can you imagine what it would be like to be Barbie (we're ignoring the fact that she is a plastic doll at the moment)?  She's clearly the most well-rounded and educated person considering just how many occupations she's had.  And furthermore, talk about fashionista!  Barbie probably has a gazillion outfits!  Can you imagine how big her closet would be it consisted of every single clothing item of hers?  Answer: HUGE. 

still need to find a nice tulle underskirt to wear with the butterfly dress to really complete the look!  Anyone know where I can find one?  This is only the second time I've worn this dress (see here), but I would love a tulle underskirt.  I think it would a fun way to transform any skirt/dress!

I have a big interview tomorrow, wish me luck!  I'm debating whether to wear a jacket, though I really should because it will probably be below freezing, and there's also approximately 50% chance of snow.  However, I always feel awkward wearing a coat/jacket to an interview.  Are you supposed to take the time to take it off?  I hate having them wait for me to grab my purse before I leave; having to grab my jacket too would be even more time consuming.  Help me out, what do you do with your jacket at an interview?

Sorry for the long blog post!


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minkandcappuccino said...

love that pink :)

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Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a sweet dress and it looks fantastic on you:) Happy Tuesday, my dear

*chameleon* said...

u look really cute here,i love so much your shoes!:)))
thanks for leaving me the comment,it means a lot!:) btw i'm starting to follow u,on blogger and bloglovin!;)

Eden said...

you look lovely:)))

Audrey Allure said...

Such a pretty dress! Absolutely beautiful outfit.

Grit and Glamour said...

I love pink, and that dress!

Thanks for stopping by G&G.


Paulinaa. said...

Cutee dress.
Can you follow my blog please.
fashionimprisoned.blogspot.com :)

adellaavenue said...

Adorable dress!

Thanks so much, too, for your sweet comment on my blog... It means a lot!

-xoxo Noe

Leigh said...

adorable dress! you look so cute..and you legs look amazing in those heels! :)


Ellen ♥ said...

pretty in pink you are :)


vivatveritas said...

what a cute dress! xoxo


Samantha Elisabeth said...

Not kidding. I was listening to Barbie Girls as I read your post title (albeit it was SNSD's Jessica's cover version for their concert). I love that song, and haha the innuendo. There's so much of it in English pop songs! Especially Gaga.
On the dress, it's absolutely adorable! I loved Barbie as a girl and still love it now (my daughter will most definitely be playing with them).

Vicki said...

You look so pretty! Sweet dress!

joellevandyne.com said...

i LOVE this dress so much! the color is great on you. and good luck with your interview!

Duygu said...

lovely blog dear :) following you! xox


daily mix LA said...

really cute!

Elizabeth said...

Love that dress! Such a fun color

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erica marie said...

loving the butterfly print of your dress...If Barbie were real I would be completely jealous of her closet.

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