Saturday, January 8, 2011

All I a pretty little outfit.

Any other Pretty Little Liars fans out there?  I only recently started watching the show last month.  All my other shows were having their re-runs so I spent a couple nights watching all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars.  Teen dramas are my guilty pleasure, and I love this show!

Aria (played by Lucy Hale) has a fun, slightly boho style to her look.  Never in a million years would I have paired a colored cami--or colored anything really--with leopard print.  In my mind, it would just clash and look disastrous.  But Aria made it work, and overall, I am in love with the outfit she wore for Monday's episode ("Moments Later").

Obsession of the Week: Aria's look

Leopard cardigan: BCBG
Get the look with Mango cardigan

Purple lace cami: Forever 21
Get the look with Old Navy

Free People

Get the look with BDG shorts

Get the look with Forever 21 turquoise necklace

Boots: vintage
Get the look with Frye boots

Tights: unknown
Get the look with Forever 21

Do you have any show/celebrity inspired outfits?  :o)

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Rafael Ayuyao said...

i love love love pretty little liars!!! greta blog!


Winnie said...

I've never watched it but I feel like I should! Loving the leopard cardigan!

Lady Lipstick said...

I absolutely love leopard and purple together!!!! Its the most fabulous combo!!!


Nikki said...

I think that looks great together, but couldn't pull it off myself. I haven't watched the show, but when we saw the previews my Husband said "Isn't that just like Gossip Girl". Guess he's not ashamed to know the premise of that one!

Beautycountry said...

Thanks for your sweet comment :)

And leopard and purple is a winner!! :D

Nettie said...

She is definitely rocking that outfit!

Ruth said...

Love her hair and cardigan - such a good combination. I would wear with come black flick eyeliner, a black tulip dress and some brown wedges :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

delia said...

Hiya Samantha!
Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

I love Pretty Little Liars! Although, I'm wayy beyond my teenage years to be watching it. But I definitely watch it for the clothes.


Aya said...

I've been dying to own one of those same exact leopard cardigans!! Love her style!

Kristina said...

wow I loooooove the leopard cardigan :)


Kim said...

Haven't seen the show yet, but I might start watching it sometime soon :)

elleovely said...

YES!! I love pretty little liars! Aria's outfits are so intermixed, and yet it always comes together somehow. loves it!!

ClosetConfections said...

Teen dramas are my guilty pleasure too, but I have not checked out Pretty Little Liars yet. I sometimes try to dress like Emma Pillsbury from Glee at work. Her style is so ladylike and adorable.


Rach said...

Cute blog!! I love love that cardigan, but I still need to check out the show.

fashiondevotion said...

This is a cute outfit! Really well balanced I've never heard of that show xxx

QueenDesi said...

i love Lucy Hale in this tv series..
her look just so beyond!


in Love&Light
Queen d

mo said...

Very cool the outfit!!
Thx for your lovely coment!

La Petite Marmoset said...

Ooo I like! Right on with the leopard print :) The shorts were pleather, I've been looking for some real leather ones though. Thanks for your lovely comment!

liz said...

Oh I cannot get addicted to another show, but I like seeing the photos, that color combo is fierce!

KANI said...

really loving leopard lately too! i think a leopard cardi would be beautiful :)

Leigh said...

i love this cardigan! i saw a similar one at H&M!
thanks so much for commenting on my blog! your blog is soo adorable :)

Kathleen Carla. said...

omg i'm definitely a Pretty Little Liars fan!! eek, i was so happy that it premiered not too long ago. i still need to finish 2 episodes from last season, but im excited to watch on Hulu the rest of this season's. Aria is def my faave from the show, her style is so chic! :) def love this outfit too :).

<3, Kathleen.

Brittany said...

Thank you! I've missed the first episode, but she is my favorite! She has the cutest little doll face

Elle Sees said...

i love their styles!

Maebell said...

heyy there(: i loveeee pretty little liars! isnt it so addicting?!?!?(:

anyway -- i just received your comment which was so sweet of you thanks forr stoppping by(: i also understand that you would like to be featured! and i'd love to feature your blog! it'd be my pleasure! just send me your email address or email me and put your name and/or blog title in the subject line and i'll give you a little more info on how to get your blog featured!! (:


Kc said...

That is a cool outfit! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog! Hope to see you back soon :) Think i will follow yours!!


Fatiha Faulzi said...

I love her!

tiny dancer said...

PLL is so fantastic! The show is so fabulous, and I want to have everyone's outfits. I think Aria is my favorite for style. And I love posting about PLL style :) Cute blog! Thanks for sharing!


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