Sunday, January 30, 2011

"When the sun starts sinking on your beautiful soul."

C & C California top. C & C California cardigan. People's Liberation jacket.
Aerie dress [worn as skirt]. Hot Sox tights. Sperry rain boots. 

Being able to incorporate rain boots into fashion comes in quite handy when you live in the Pacific Northwest.  On days when I really want to avoid puddles, I throw on my Sperry rain boots (find similar ones here).  Not only are they black--making them really versatile, warm (they're lined on the inside), they are also wedges--making them more fashionable than the average pair of rain boots.  On the downside, they are not as comfortable as they are versatile, warm, and fashionable; I couldn't wear them all day unfortunately.  However, if you're only going out for a few hours and don't want to risk puddles and splashage (no, that's not a real word), I completely recommend these.  They are perfect for being stylish and practical.  I give them a 4/5.

I finally got around to watching Eat, Pray, Love and really liked it.  I'm going to point out the obvious here and say that Julia Roberts is an amazing actress in this memoir-turned-book.  She did a good job depicting Liz, a woman struggling through her life, trying to find both meaning and balance.  The movie was both relatable and inspiring to me.  The scenery is also astounding and makes you want to follow in Liz's footsteps and travel to those places.  It's amazing the amount of courage Liz Gilbert had to drop everything and leave in search of change.  I give the movie a 4/5 contrary to most other reviews I read.  I think most people were dissatisfied with how the movie depicted Liz's journey in comparison to the book, and I am definitely inspired to go read the book--which might change my rating, but we'll see!

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P.S. Have you hugged a tree today?  :o)

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Kc said...

Great outfit!! Your rain boots are cute! :)


thechyrelgomez said...

I've seen eat, pray, love twice. I feel asleep the first time probably because I did not have sleep and was wide awake for 24 hours. I love the movie and it's message. I just wonder on myself if I can do what she had done.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Kb said...

Lol I should try some tree-hugging, looks like you're having fun!

Diana Mieczan said...

I also love wearing rainboots and those looks so cute with your outfit. Happy Monday,sweetie

Fashion Meets Food said...

I love how you are wearing the dress as a skirt. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Flawless look.


Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

Love that jacket, girl!!!!

Kenziefaith said...

I heard a lot of negative feedback about Eat, Pray, Love, but I watched it anyway & loved it!

Cute outfit!

KF x


I love the skirt -- er, dress!

Henar said...

I loved this, great!!
Fantastic post!!

...OH MY VOGUE said...

Great Jacket....I agree so brave of Liz to make a complete change!

Emma x said...

haha, that tree-hugging picture is so cute :) i love this outfit- all the black pieces, but each with a different texture. said...

I totally hear u on the rainboots since I'm also in the pacific northwest. I think they look super funky.

Didn't get around to watching eat pray love yet bc I loved the book some much.

Love your puffy skirt/dress!

Nicole✗✗ said...

Great outfit!! Love the rain boots they are very stylish and go right with the outfit. I wish I had some right now they would be perfect for the unexpected blizzard I woke up to this morning...grrr.

Anyways, thank you for the lovely comment I have missed you as well. I was on Christmas break from school and got out of routine but I'm back! Glad to know your still stopping by!! Oh and your probably right, the launcher is probably to gain more distance-I was just so stuck on the idea of it basically being ones arm.

cryskay said...

i love your skirt! so pretty! xo

Becky said...

cute outfit! x

cathy. said...

Cute rainboots :)


Frances Joy said...

I love your rainboots! I'm also in a rainy climate, so good rainboots have suddenly become very important to me. I love the toughness of the jacket with that tutu type skirt!

JTWisdom said...

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for commenting on my blog.
Your outfit with the rain boots is really pretty (love the ruffles on the skirt).


oomph. said...

i still want a pair of hunters...but i'd never get to wear them here!!

Ashley J said...

That dress/skirt is awesome, perfect amount of tutu!

Linda said...

I think it is so funny that rain boots are so fashionable now. They are just a necessity of life out here...and now they are in style, too! Perfect! And yours look wonderful with the skirt.

The Auspicious Life

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