Saturday, October 9, 2010

All I want...are some Aldo heels.

Obsession of the Week: Aldo heels

1. Schade, $33.74; I like the strappy + mesh look.
2. Kotas, $33.74; The clear shanks on the sides are definitely different.
3. Beier, $33.74; Been looking for a non-boring pair of brown heels.
4. Kimzey, $33.74; Sexy wedges!
5. Secrest, $33.74; Love the fun, soft coral color of these heels.
6. Hodapp, $37.49; Been looking for a pair of gray heels, also love the cut of the shoe!
7. Sandford, $41.24; I like the heeled clog feel to these.
8. Creger, $44.99; Neutral heels are a must! Plus, love the cut of the shoe.
9. Zweier, $44.99; I don't wear red but would totally get these! Love the studded detailing!
10. Mignogna, $44.99; I love wedges, neutral colored heels, and studs--great combo!
11. Nemets, $44.99; Hello, neutral slingbacks! Subtly sexy, especially with the hidden platform.
12. Froling, $48.74; They always say purple is the color of royalty!

I came to the realization that though my blog implies that I am fashionably greedy and want everything, I have yet to really take the time and tell you what I'm lusting after.  So lo and behold, here is my first Obsession of the Week post!  There are endless amazing Aldo heels on sale, but specifically, I have (after hours of struggling) narrowed it down to my top 12 pairs of shoes all under $50!  So help a girl out, which ones are your favorites?  And better yet, tell me what heels you've been wanting!


TOPCOAT said...

I absolutely love Aldo shoes, they are so comfortable! xx

KcomeKarolina said...

love the first one!!!
thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! it means a lot for me! there's give away on my blog - come and enter!!! :D

xoxo from rome

Madison's Assortment said...

aldo's the best!
visit me:

She Wore It Well said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Some great shoe choices there! xo

She Wore It Well Blog

Cupcake said...

Cute! Your blog is awesome Samantha! Add a followers and blogroll and I will join! I will add you to my blogroll today!

Nicole Lisa said...

hehe, I have the Greger heels and I LOVE them!
Not uncomfortable at all actually and they look super cute with both Jeans and Skirts. Versatility yay!
<3 Nicole Lisa

Vikki said...

Hi Samantha!
Thank you for the lovely comment!! :)

I love Aldo shoes... the purple ones you posted are just amazing!!


Charlie said...

love number 10! the fact that it has an ankle strap makes them totally wearable. pretty too. :)

xxx Charlie

head over heels said...

definitely number 7! i love the clog influence.
Thanks for your comment btw, i'm now following you x

Margaret said...

oh my goodness! i have my eye on some aldo wedges too!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Amber's Notebook said...

I adore 4, 5, and 10! fabulous picks!!

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redumbrellachronicles said...

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I am a self confessed shoe-aholic and I love this post! Too many options to choose just one....!!

Diana Mieczan said...

I am in love with the nr.3
Such a sweet post:)

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful GIVEAWAY today...I hope you will join in:)

Emilie said...

I like the first pair the most!

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