Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Don't you wanna stay here a little while?"

Any other Juicy Couture fans out there? I am a huge Juicy Couture fan; I especially love their witty screen tees. I present you with another day of screen tees with positive messages! Today's message: "Be Juicy." (Feel free to go ahead and "couture yourself" while you're at it.) :o)

Juicy Couture tee. Splendid cardigan. Joe's Jeans. Melissa flats.
Coach Purse. Tarina Tarantino ring (as seen here).

I hope you don't tire of my black outfits because I have a ton of them. I love monochromatic outfits, especially when it comes to black! I went for a black and white theme with this outfit but did venture out to silver with my Coach bag. Besides, black is a classic. I read somewhere that "anyone who ever tells you something is the new black is probably trying to sell you something." Seems pretty true! Black is timeless and versatile and will probably always be my go to color (or shade if we want to get technical!).

What is your stance on black? Is it also your go to color?

Does anyone have any "real" colors they always fall back on?



Elle ღ said...

In a past few years I had several different colour periods, but I always fall back on pink. Anyway black is like my second favourite colour in any time! And I like your tee, it´s so positive (there´s never enough positive energy around)! :)

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Elle ღ

Pop Champagne said...

you look great in this outfit! very casual and chic!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

such a cute casual outfit! love the shirt!


Fashion Fractions

Aya said...

I am juicy couture OBSESSED! It is literally my favorite thing in the world. Their tees are so witty & cute. My favorite one that I own says "Eat Cake, Wear Juicy" perfect for me because I love sweets! ;) xoxo!

Shantik said...

Yep, Id definitely want to stay here a while!!! ;)

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LOVE xxx

lulluword said...

You have beautiful smile

Anonymous said...

Love JUicy Couture. My friend works for their corporate office. :)
Happy Friday!


StyleIDnet said...

Cute outfit. I was going to say I love your shirt even before reading it it Juicy but no wonder, I am naturally attracted towards Juicy .... ALWAYS.
your cardigan is also very cute.

Aquí said...

love your flats! The little strap across the top of the foot is soo cute!

Meri said...

I really like to wear all black sometimes. It is a very easy way to look very chic!

Winnie said...

I love black but...I usually wear it and then wear a pop of bright colour with it!

ronadelle said...

I love the outfit! It suits you so well!


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