Sunday, March 21, 2010

"The beating of your heart, baby."

Marc Jacobs top.  Gap pants.  Marc Jacobs shoes. 
CC Skye ring. Guess watch.  Marc Jacobs hair tie.

If Marc Jacobs was straight, I would want to be marry him.  However, he's not.  But that's okay because I have such a huge obsession with all the things that he designs, that I don't know if I could carry over any obsession to Marc Jacobs himself.

I'm in love with the fun, whimsical quality Marc Jacobs brings to anything and everything he designs.  His stuff is just so unique, and you--or at least, I--can't help but be in a good mood when wearing anything Marc Jacobs.

I especially love Marc Jacobs' animal lines.  I have a pair of his owl earrings, a mouse necklace and hair tie (as seen above), and I am on the hunt for things from his bird collection ("Petal to the Metal") as well as a pair of his mouse flats that are relatively affordable.


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